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"She saved the world. A lot."
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September 22 2010

An appreciation of Summer Glau's 8 sci-fi roles. A look at Summer Glau's roles in sci-fi.

She's actually had (at least) 9 sci-fi roles so far but "The Initiation of Sarah" is easily forgotten.
Hmm, looks like in The Cape she's transitioning from juvenile temptress to gorgeously mature like ELiza did on Dollhouse. Sorry, I'm an incurable macho chauvinist wise guy, I guess.
So they are counting her roles in Firefly and Serenity as different roles? Not that it matters; she is beautiful and talented and I love seeing her in everything (particularly as 'herself' on The Big Bang Theory!).
Weird, I thought The Cape wasn't sci-fi. *smirk*

That's in reference to that article a while back, stating "The Cape is not genre" or whatever.

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