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September 22 2010

New Star One Album features song about Firefly. Sci-Fi metal artist Arjen Lucassen has included a song about Firefly called "Earth that Was" in his upcoming album "Victims of the Modern Age." Give it a listen.

This is great!
YES. I can't believe this happened. What a win.

I've been waiting since the first album for Arjen to do a song about Firefly. My favorite things are combined: Metal and Joss!
NotLikeCousteau: I didn't believe it would happen either. Especially since he said the album would be about movies/shows that take place on Earth. Guess he bent that rule a bit for this one :)
Woah, I'm not the only Whedon fan that loves Star One? I discovered Ayreon last year and gobbled up all the albums, including side projects (like Star One) that I could find.

Even if you aren't a fan of metal, Arjen's stuff is really closer to progressive metal. (And Star One is described as "space metal").

I knew he was a fan of Firefly, so it's perfect that he'd do a song about it for Star One. Can't wait to listen.

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