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September 22 2010

Geekscape reviews Season 1 of Glee on Blu-ray. William Bibbiani shares his "Glee" for this series, especially expressing fondness for Neil Patrick Harris and the Joss Whedon-directed episode, Dream On.

Contains a few spoilers if you have yet to watch all of season one.

It's comforting to know that, while definitely a fan of the series, I'm not alone in seeing a lot of the flaws. And a lot have to do with the longevity of the series. For many reasons, not just the ones stated in the article.

Trust me, you don't want to get me started. :P
This was cool to read because I actually used to work with William Bibbiani, and I had no idea he is now a critic. On top of that, I mostly agree with what he had to say. I'm glad that, early on in the series, my wife and I realized that, for us, "Glee" certainly isn't a GOOD show, but dammit it sure is a FUN one. This means that we're rarely disappointed by it, even when it's very After School Special... which it often is.
I think Glee is a good show - the singing is great, and it's very well written and acted. Obviously there are many areas where it can improve. Hopefully the fact that Seasons 2 AND 3 have been greenlit means that we can get some long-range planning with the plots.

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