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September 22 2010

(SPOILER) Amber Benson to guest on Grey's Anatomy.'s Michael Ausiello has the news along with spoilers for other US shows.

Good for her. I haven't watched the show regularly in several years but I might tune in for her. The creator, Shonda Rhimes is on record as a huge Buffy fan.
Interesting. Amber already guested on Private Practice, which takes place in the same "universe", but it doesn't sound like she will be reprising the same role.
Glad that Amber's working but this is one of her roles that I definitely won't be checking out. I really dislike Grey's Anatomy. To be fair, I don't enjoy hospital drama at all. Never liked shows such as ER, Casualty or Holby City either. Grey's Anatomy, however, managed to reach a whole new level of making my skin crawl, whenever I was forced to watch it. Another reason I'm glad that particular relationship didn't work out... ;)
In Zonker-speak, hee-whackitty-do-do-do!

She should be good at this; I know a little about estranged duaghters :-(.
Ohhhh, no. Last time I watched Grey's Anatomy for a guest-star I ended up watching for two and a half seasons. I am not getting sucked in again this time!
Between Jesse Williams ("Cabin in the Woods") being a regular and Danny Nero (Dennis the Ghost on "Angel," plus David Boreanaz's stand-in for the first three seasons of "Angel" and Nathan Fillion & Adam Baldwin's stand-in on "Firefly" and "Serenity") being a regular stand-in for years and now Amber Benson guesting, it's turning into a regular Whedon-palooza over there :)

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