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September 23 2010

'Big Bang Theory' books Eliza Dushku. She will play an FBI agent assigned to conduct a background check on Wolowitz. She appears in the 7th episode of the season.

THAT should be really funny. Great show.
Oh, awesome! I'm not a huge fan of the show, especially lately but I'm definitely looking forward to this.
I plan to watch Community during that time-slot, but I'm sure I'll record BBT for her episode. :)
Bones is in that time slot!


I'll watch the recorded episode.

(Incidentally, this is the first time I'll have ever wanted to watch TBBT when it airs, because this is the first time I've actually seen all the previous seasons. And this is of course the first time that it's on opposite Bones).
I only watched a three minute clip of The Big Bang Theory and based on that I bought the first two seasons and having watched them both in two days have yet to be disappointed with the show. In fact I've shown the series to several friends so I've probably seen every episode at least three or four times. And they never get old. I still need to pick up season three, and unless there's a huge dip in the quality of the writing, I can't imagine anyone not being a fan of this show.
When posting this I nearly put @ElizaDushku. Twitter has clearly ruined my life.

On topic: I love Big Bang Theory. Alot. That is all.
Cool. I don't watch the show regularly but its fun and great for her to get some more exposure on a massively popular show. And her as a (I'm sure sexy) FBI agent conducting a background check on Wolowitz will be hilarious.
The Big Bang Theory plus Eliza Dushku equals a definate Squee!

edcsLover9 Heh, I do that too.. Have also found myself trying to use hashtags and often, in non-Twitter places :)

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First Summer,then Katee, now Eliza! The best show on TV just keeps getting better! Can't wait.
I just got hooked on this show recently, but didn't realize that their move to Thursday put them opposite Bones. Sorry Penny & Leonard, but I'm loyal to a certain rugged FBI agent with a devilish grin.

(I just saw the flashback episode last week where Leonard moves in with Sheldon. "Friday nights are reserved for watching 'Firefly,' the classic new hit from Joss Whedon." "Do I have to sign that?" "Better get comfortable - it's going to run for years." Ouch.)

I might try to catch the ep with Eliza, though. TV needs more Eliza to be complete.
I don't watch or really like the show *duck*, but I really enjoy everyone involved and I never miss their panel at Comic Con. Weird? I suppose :)
She should crush that role. Totally in her wheelhouse, and she'll get to bring the funny, for a change.
Maybe she'll get an reocurring role, if she's popular enough. *crosses fingers*

Can't wait to see Eliza stretch her comedic muscles.
TBBT is actually the first sitcom I've liked for 6-7 years. Unless you count Scrubs, which isn't technically a sitcom. But other than that, I usually don't find them funny at all.

I think it's sad that I generally get all the geek references. Well. Sad, but part of the reason I like the show so much.
I've only ever watched the Episode in which Summer Glau guest-starred. I didn't find it very funny, but I'll give it another try with this Episode. Congrats to Eliza.
Faith meets Moist!
would love to see Eliza but sorry ... It's always Bones for me. can still watch it online.

You can even watch Bones.

And pretty much anything else your heart desires. :)
I watched Bones and am timeshifting the west coast feed of Big Bang.

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I don't think there is a legal way to watch The Big Bang Theory online so maybe discussing ways to watch it illegally isn't the greatest idea ever.
CBS does not stream this on their own site? If not, then big mistake. Every other network does it.
How is Scrubs not a sitcom VeryVeryCrowded? It gets a bit maudlin at times (got? is that next generation version still on the air?) but that pretty much just puts it in the same crowd as M*A*S*H or Futurama in terms of generally intending to be funny but sometimes pulling out the serious when people don't expect it.

I mean yeah Scrubs was set in a hospital but it never went particularly procedural.
eddy, it's the highest rated sitcom on TV. I don't think it is any mistake that it isn't available online for free. CBS is smart on this issue. They want live viewers and they get them. I record and/or watch online all their competition because it's available. BBT isn't so I watch it live. Very very smart, CBS.
Do CBS stream anything? The channel as a whole skews a whole lot older than the other networks, so apart from HIMYM and TBBT, I can't imagine it getting used a whole lot. They don't "do" serialized TV, you can jump in and go.
I've seen CBS stream How I Met Your Mother and CSI: Miami. Unless you are a Neilsen ratings contributor, the fact that you watch TBBT live doesn't mean much, because they'd have no way to know you're watching and count you. CBS, just like other networks that stream shows on their site, actually benefit from that extra source of revenue thanks to more advertising time for paying sponsors. Additionally, streaming sites like Hulu allow networks to get additional ratings. However, CBS does generally cater to the older demographic, so their reasoning for not streaming is probably something along the lines of, "Old ladies in their fifties who watch Ghost Whisperer probably don't know how to operate streaming video, so why bother?" :)
The CW puts stuff online about five days after its initial airing, so I think that's not a terrible way to go about it. You can catch up before the next episode, but it also means you have to wait a while if you miss one of their glorious shows.
Sorry I'm with Shadowquest on this one. I'm quite loyal to my knight in shining FBI standard issue body armor. But I might record BBT and watch it later! I was quite liking of that one BBT clip about Robert Murdoch. Though on a side note, I'm having a tough time picturing Eliza not as a rebel and instead "fighting" crime...

And maybe just to see her try a different role, I will most likely record it and watch it! After Bones. There is no show coming soon that's going to get between me and that show. Nu-uh.
@kungfubear re. "Old ladies in their fifties...." Clicking on a video to watch it online is not an obstacle for the average 50 year old woman. The real issue here has little to do with age & everything to do with the fact that the executives at CBS are clinging to an old-media business model.
stellabee, since no one has figured out how to make significant money from online, the networks will continue to cling to the revenue streams that actually matter. Ad revenue dwarfs every other revenue stream put together and makes them all insignificant. No matter what people have been saying for years, the future ain't here yet.
@orangewaxlion "How is Scrubs not a sitcom VeryVeryCrowded?"

What makes a sitcom?

Scrubs has no live audience. The type of camera and direction they use is completely different than something like Friends or TBBT. I also think they use only one camera, whereas sitcoms use 2 or more.

Just check out this clip.

I guess, like a cartoon or MASH, it's *funny*, which makes it a comedy. But the elements I generally don't like about sitcoms are emphasized in that clip there.

As for TBBT, it is streamed legally no where on the internet.
TamaraC--& Yet millions every year are migrating to online viewing. The future may not be here yet but it has its foot in the door....
I agree, stellabee. People are definitely watching more and more online (I watch a lot of hulu and netflix streaming), but if media companies can't figure out how to make as much money off those viewers as live TV viewers then quality shows will cease to be made. It will all be reality and game shows because that will be the only shows capable of profitability.
@stellabee I know, I was just being silly, hence the emoticon at the end.
@TamaraC--It's going to be interesting in the next few years to see if the profitability/online viewing issues work themselves out. I hope someone finds a way to do it....

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