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September 23 2010

Alyson Hannigan is providing a Buffy box set signed by Joss, herself and Alexis to the winner of her twitchange charity auction.

The actual auction page can be found here. And if you're curious as to how the other Whedon alum are faring check the main auction page.

I realize there has already been a posting on the twitchange auction last week, but I felt this added bonus Ms. Hannigan has added warranted a new mention. If i was mistaken I apologize.
BTW A later tweet confirmed this is the Chosen Collection box set. (this is in addition to her previously mentioned phone call from her, Alexis and fellow HIMYM co-stars)
Also, how cool is it that Jewel's auction is going so well :)
Wow. That'd be kinda cool to get a phone call...but so is it a real live conversation or a recorded message...and what would such a conversation consist of? And how long? And what happens if you miss the phone call...?

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It's a real live conversation with a real Alyson to anywhere in the world.
On a related note, I see that Emma Caulfield is now listed on the auction. little over a day left to bid, but better late than never.

other Whedonites also involved with the twitchange auction:
Eliza Dushku
Felica Day
Jewel Staite
Julie Benz
Michelle Branch
Nathan Fillion
(I hope I didn't leave anyone out)
one would need to check they're twitter feeds to see what other goodies you can win besides the twitter follow.
My eyes gravitate towards the novel phrase "Joss, herself"...
She now says that Seth Green will sign it as well...

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As of 5 minutes ago, she was up to $1725 for the big package. :) Nathan was up to $3000 so people, c'mon, pony up for Aly! And goodness gracious Jewel is up over $8000.

Edited for more info.

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