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September 24 2010

Marc Blucas joins cast of 'Necessary Roughness'. He's the male lead.

"Blucas will play the teamís hunky trainer and a romantic foil for Callie Thorne."

Not sure about the title.

This doesn't look like something I'll watch, but good luck to Blucas that it turns into a regular paycheck.

But, ouch, for the comments under the article.
I like the guy pretending to be Marc Blucas in the comments section.
Yeah, a lot of those comments just made me think that some people shouldn't be allowed internet access! Jeez. Makes me hope the show is a huge hit just to spite them.
So this is based on the Scott Bakula movie, same name? I didn't see any reference there and I'm not looking at the comments. Go Marc! (aaargh, edited to spell name correctly i know better) I'll definitely at least watch the pilot.

[ edited by Tonya J on 2010-09-24 16:53 ]
So, I guess the pilot for True Blue didn't get the green light. IMDB says TV Movie now? I like Marc and I have never understood all the hatred for him or Riley.
@Tonya J, someone actually made a joke about that in the comments. I was hoping for a field goal-kicking Kathy Ireland, but no such luck.
Congrats to Marc! I hope the show does well for him.
Jelly, Tonya J Good to see I'm not the only one who thought "Wait - they're making a show based on that aging-quarterback-helps-struggling-team movie Scott Bakula was in?"

There was a time I tried to see anything he was in. Sibling Rivalry, Necessary Roughness...but that stopped after Lord of Illusions. I don't get wigged by horror movies, but that one did. Very disturbing. (Actually, so was "The Grudge.")

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