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September 24 2010

SFX Magazine special "Worlds of Whedon" comes out next week. And packed with goodies it is too, including a brand new interview with Joss.

Zeitgeist and SoddingNancyTribe were interviewed for it. We're in print!

Ok, where do I buy one? Or, rather two.
That looks great!
Can we buy that online?
AWESOME! Now I understand your Twitter Tweet, Simon. It better be buyable on line or heads will roll, people will be defenestrated (redundant but I like the word), put on the rack, get squished in the Iron Maiden ... okay, I'm done. :=)
Several of us were also interviewed sort of round-table style during the CSTS screening at Comic-Con. No idea what of that gets used.
I'm seeing that the price is in pounds. Is there some place that I could perhaps use my worthless American currency? (I assume there will be purchase links here on W-esque on the 30th?)
It should eventually appear for sale at the following links. or

But I have seen SFX on sale at Barnes & Nobles so maybe there as well at some stage?
"Interplanetary misbehavior" is totally my phrase of the day.
I am so excited for this!!
Nice! I wonder if I can find a print copy in DC.
This sucker's gonna sell out. Fast.
Woo Hoo! My mods are the best :)
A trip down to WHSmiths next week is in order I think.
They'll be on sale next week in the UK and then it usually takes anywhere from 1 - 2 weeks for them to hit U.S. retailers like B&N and Borders in the Entertainment magazine section.

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I have no clue where to get a hold of this, but I will find some way.
This is so exciting, I can't wait to buy it! The only downside is that it doesn't appear to have any fun free gifts. I do recall the SFX vampire special, or whatever it was, had free Buffy coasters...
{{{{Braces self for trip to Barnes & Noble}}}}. I'd say more but we're not supposed to be unkind.
Pretty excited - it was a fun sit down :)!
I kind of wish I had the recording of the discussion outside the CSTS screening.
Want, want, want. Does anyone know if/when this will be available in Australia? I might have to buy it online...
I have no clue where to get a hold of this, but I will find some way.
Nicole | September 24, 20:51 CET

Same here. The only national book store in Hilo (Borders) is closing on Oct 1st, leaving us with one small, local bookstore that doesn't even carry magazines. There is still a Borders in Kona, but that's 120 miles away and my car isn't even running, at the moment.
I really hope there's a way to order this online, for U.S. residents.

And congrats whedonesque interviewees .... hope you'll still be conversing with us ordinary peeps, once you're international celebs. ;-)
I think I had better start checking stores around here now so that I know where to go once it might get to Canada.
Shey: Heck, i got LEtter of the Month from _Buffy_ magazine and it didn't give me any more of a swelled head than I already had.

Startign tomorrow and for several weeks after, I will be looking for this. Will consider buying it.
The One True b!X, Mick Doherty, DanRegal and I were interviewed by Rich from SFX Magazine during the San Diego Can't Stop the Serenity about fandom and CSTS, and I got this message from him last week:

"The Joss Whedon issue's now all done and at the printers, and has a nice big feature about fandom (with loads about Can't Stop The Serenity) it hits the shops on Thursday 30 September."

He's also now in possession of a copy of Done the Impossible. :)
I think sells magazines and you can probably also buy it from the SFX website.
Last time I was in the US, I remember finding SFX special on stands at Barnes & Nobles.
Must import this as soon as available.

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