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September 24 2010

(SPOILER) Summer Glau to guest star on 'Chuck'. River and Jayne reunited! (mild spoilers for the role she plays).

In episode 4.08.

LOVE this show and can't wait to see Summer again. Hope she's in some scenes with Adam.
YAY! I missed Casey, he was great on the first episode of this season.
Love it! As if this show wasn't great enough! I wonder if this signals casting more "Firefly" actors on "Chuck" (aside from Mark Sheppard).
Oh I always loved the idea of River and Jayne united (don't hit me!! lol).
From the comments: "Tough break, Chuck fans. That means your show will be getting canceled."

I laughed, and then felt bad. But I'm always glad to see one of my favorite actresses on one of my favorite shows.
So Summer is the harbinger for show cancelations...
Chuck has been getting canceled every Season according to many pundits. Oftentimes in S2 & S3 they've clearly stated that it wasn't even getting any Episodes beyond the initial 13. They've been wrong every time so far.

Chuck's still a long way from cancelation. Why?

Because NO one cancels John Casey!

And after an appearance by the always talented Ms. Glau?

I'd say that No power in the verse can stop them.
I was waiting for a "nail in the coffin" type comment ;)

All joking aside. I love Chuck and I love Summer, this is exciting news. Summer is such a talented actress. You know you're going to get some high quality TV wherever she is, just makes me miss what has passed.
Oh happy day! I love "Chuck" anyway, and Summer makes everything better.
I want to make it clear that I do not believe there are nails in the "Chuck" coffin, nor that Summer Glau means there will be. It's my favorite non-Summer show.

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For what it's worth, It's not that she tends to spell doom/murder-death-kill for the shows in which she appears. Rather, they have this alarming tendency to dive-bomb into oblivion just before she gets to make her carefully marketed appearances. As long as Chuck manages to steer clear of such an occurence I'm thinking things'll be fine.
Speaking of Chuck love via Whedonverse enter Seth Green... :D

Honestly don't know who is cuter.
I meant humor in my comment. I agree with you guys completely. I'm psyched having Summer on my very favorite show. The next best news would've been a reoccurring role.

After watching this season's premier, I can't wait to see the rest. I couldn't stop laughing while watching it, brought back memories of when the show was mainly light-hearted and angst free. Sure I have reservations about Season 3, but a lot of my favorite episodes also reside from that season.

Back on topic, can't wait for this episode. I'll have dreams about River and Jayne together once again :)
"Hey, Casey! I can kill you with my brain."
This is great news. Chuck tends to have great guest stars. Linda Hamilton, Dolph Lundgren and now Summer and Seth. I'm always entertained by the show, I just wish the runners would stop hitting the reset button. :(
I really ought to be watching this show-- the Glau helps I suppose-- but seriously I'm rather partial to the idea/gimmick of Greta too.

And as a sidebar, as one of the actors whose legacy Summer Glau is following, I really do want that-Old-Spice-guy-that-wasn't-a-doctor-for-pretend (Isaiah Mustafa) to get the role of Luke Cage so he might be able to turn up in a Whedon Avengers sequel.

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