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September 25 2010

Joss Whedon and Tony Head talk about 'Ripper'. It's an excerpt taken from the upcoming SFX special.

Ohhh I still want this.
I'm strangely encouraged by the fact that they still won't tell us what it is.
YES! Ripper, Shredder or Gouger, as long as it's Anthony Head and Joss Whedon and beautiful storytelling. I feel like it would be better to go with BBC given FOX's history but like I said, they serve it, I'll eat it.

That paragraph sounded like a mouthful even while I was typing it... oh well.
Unfortunately, I don't think we ever see this story pan out. One of those "could've, would've, should've. Truth is, people move on to other projects and these brilliant ideas kinda' get wash aside. Yeah, I hate it too.
I know that I might be the only one who feels this way, but, I would have rather seen this come to fruition over Dollhouse. That is not to say that I do not absolutely LOVE Dollhouse because I do. Giles is just one of those characters that I just can't let go of...
Fox need to sort it out.
Fox needed to sort it out 3 years old, unfortunately. The exec mentioned by Tony here has left their old position. The good news is they work for BBC Worldwide now in LA, who are currently looking to self-fund productions (skipping the Hollywood studio system). If Joss wasn't busy with that small indy film, it could have been a nice potential fit.

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I liked Dollhouse a lot. Loved the end. But I do think it's pretty weird that Joss was talking to so many people about doing "Ripper" as a one-off, non-Buffyverse thing... and then just decided to screw it all and make a TV series with Eliza on a whim. What?
That isn't what happened, patxshand.

"It nearly came to fruition. I introduced Joss to [former Doctor Who executive producer] Julie Gardner. I met Julie, and she started talking about Joss, so I put the two of them together. They got on really, really well… But then Joss had that lunch meeting with Eliza Dushku, and that was that."


"The BBC basically said to me and Tony Head that it doesn’t have to be Ripper, ‘We’d just like to do something’. It sounded cool 
but I was busy doing something else, as I always am. Tony is amazingly enough still friends with me despite years of ‘Hey, you know what, we could."

Are those quotes wrong? Now I'm confused. o_O
I'd still love to see something, even though I love his current Merlin role.
This feels oddly like talking about old times with an ex...

"We used to be so in love. Did we ever really have a chance?"
"Yeah, but Fox execs screwed up our shot at happiness."
I feel like they're just trolling us with this stuff now. Have been for years, actually.
"Ripper" is kind of the Book's backstory of the Buffyverse... I think it's time we just saw this as a miniseries in Season 9.
I hope we find out the Ripper story in some form. I'd love for it to actually be on TV. The way ASH made it sound (in the way that he kept praising it without actually saying what it is) just makes me want to know more about it!
Very curious that people assume "signed off by so many people" means 20th (Fox Broadcasting has absolutely nothing to do with any of this) is the roadblock to this kind of thing happening. You guys do remember the Kuzui's. Right?
Don't forget Dolly Parton and her Sandollar Productions Company. She must have some say in it as well.
Do you really think people are assuming much when the article inclues Joss as saying "Fox is great at complicating things"?
Wait, Dolly Parton founded Sandollar? Mind = blown.
The Ripper thing is much more complicated than Tony Head makes it sound there. Not that he's done anything wrong - it's a soundbite. They didn't have a script, financing, cast, a start date, preproduction done or started... It was an idea joss and Tony liked 8 years ago, which has never happened. I know Joss flew over to London and met with BBC execs in 2007 to try to get it off the ground, but that stalled with rights issues at Fox.

So, long story short, Joss didn't have the chance to do Ripper but chose Dollhouse instead. Dollhouse just actually happened, because FOX jumped at it.
Okay, now that I finally recovered from that Dolly World revelation (thank you, Simon :)), think I'm ready for another try at this.

Again, it was a wonderful idea floating around there, but it never made it to the gates. Looking back in hindsight, I guess things actually worked out pretty well. Dollhouse was an interesting story and I'm happy Joss had a chance to touch upon it.
I keep forgetting about the Kazuis' stake (and never knew the Parton part at all). In hindsight it is so interesting that Serenity got to jump ship while this presumable co-production can't progress... Granted I guess the whole lack of a proper script or anything at all really makes things a bit more complex.

I would have figured that everyone would be cool with it as long as someone else fronted the money. (As the BBC may have been willing.)
It's a shame Joss doesn't own the Buffyverse good and proper. The only person he would have to ask would be himself. "Self," Joss might say, "do you feel like giving Tony a job and making a kickass Buffy sequel? Why sure! Anything for you and Tony!"

Suits always complicate things more than they need to be. It's their function in life.
This article isn't saying anything new. The blurb from Tony is at least three years old.

quantumac That sounds very much like something Joss would say to himself. And then he might go on to say, "Self, we have to make sure we avoid the heartache of this thing getting canned in its infancy, so let's take it somewhere safe. Let's do it all online! And there has to be singing!" And he'd then clap himself on the back and call himself a bloody genius.
I think, if this were to get off the ground at all now, the right way to go would be to take this fabulous ghost story and create a new world around it. Put Tony in it, but don't make it about Giles. Then you get around the IP problems.

I'm going to live in hope that that scenario could yet occur ever (not necessarily soon). Not a Giles story (for one thing, even though I haven't kept up with them I feel the comics are canon and that's a whole mess of stuff to worry about), just good TV with Tony and Joss working together. And with a known endpoint, so there's not the same heartbreak, but with a possibility for more stories should there be demand enough for BBC to want to make them.

So, kind of like their 21st century Sherlock.
If it happens without it being Giles, I'd love it, obviously, but I would never be able to rid my extreme interest in how well a new live-action Buffy property would do.
How does Joss not own the 'verse? Is it because when the movie was made, the rights got sold to the Kuzui(sp?)s?
"They didn't have a script, financing, cast, a start date, preproduction done or started"

Maybe I am just making this up within my own head, but I thought that a 90 minute pilot had been written by Joss a while back, and this was then going to transform as the standalone story when the six part series never materialized?
I would be happy. Watchers' backstories I'm always inclined to: Wyndam Pryce senior, The story of Edna Fairweather, the events of Hanselstadt, ....
Unfortunately nothing new added in this article that we havent heard over the past several years. Although its nice to hear such things and it helps to "keep hope alive" that a new Buffy project may actually make it to production I feel that "articles" such as these only serve to string us along...

Folks, don't beat yourselves up. You all knew about Sandollar, you just didn't know it was partly owned by Dolly, no reason you should have until it came up. I stumbled across the fact myself years ago, with no intent.

Heck, I'm sure Joss could line up support for doign it on-line, if he could make it pay.
TamaraC said:

You guys do remember the Kuzui's. Right?

But They have the rights only of the movie, which hasn't Giles as the Watcher, right?

Lioness said:

I'm strangely encouraged by the fact that they still won't tell us what it is.

Tha'ts the same reason I still believe in Gooners. No one knows much about it. Joss could just do some rewriting and make it with another name *Hoping/Wishfull thinking* .

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