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"Angel's lame! His hair goes straight up, and he's bloody stupid!"
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September 25 2010

"I would like to put these actors in a room and just make Glengarry Glen Ross". More Avengers talk from Joss.

I would like if you did that too! Side project? DVD extra?? Please! It's not everyday my comic nerd and theater nerd get to hang, but that would be insanely brilliant.
Not sure why, but this just made me think of Andy Hallet. Now I'm feeling blue.
If Joss could do it, who would tell the rest of the Avengers to always be closing? Nick Fury probably would
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I'm still smiling and whistling a happy tune over Mark Ruffalo. Now, let's see, which part in GGR would he play. Hmm, too young, but probably the Jack Lemmon role.
I definitely understand that GGR sentiment, and in an ideal world I'd like to see that too.

But right now the only thing that matters imo is that this movie make a ton of cash. I hope more than anything that Joss is making that the #1, #2 and #3 priorities. Lately there have been too many brilliant projects that haven't performed up to Hollywood's expectations and if he gets a homerun here then that will mean sooo much in terms of allowing him to get back to the Glengarry Glen Ross-type projects that most of us love so much. A true hit here maybe, possibly, perhaps might help get another Firefly/Serenity project, or something else that fully shows off his capabilities, going.

At the end of the day, I'd prefer a mediocre Avengers that makes a ton of money and allows Joss to make more projects that we will love, rather than to see Joss trying to make Avengers just a little bit better. Perhaps the two aren't mutually exclusive, but my priority on this one is with it's ability to appeal at the box office.
I agree with all of that, and The Man is perfectly aware of all of that, but if he didn't try to make Avengers "just a little bit better", he wouldn't be an artist. And it probably wouldn't do any good, because there isn't a reliable correlation between doing this, that or the other and getting a box office smash.
All joss can do is make the best film he can, with the aspects the studio want incorporated. The studio bargain (and I think Marvel actually GET this) as they pick responsible elements they want, and market it all.

Let's be honest, this is a film with Downey in it as Iron Man, with Gods in it, and a giant green monster. Unless the budget goes freakin' stupid crazy on this thing, it's going to open huge.

As to if the movie is good, that's down to joss replatforming his story into others constraints. He's actually really freakin' good at doing that.

I have high hopes for this. It's a film about screwed up people forming a screwed up family and doing screwed up things to fix a screwed up world. Bring it on.
I've been rather curious about the whole Norton and Whedon meeting since the wording is a little fuzzy.

When he says Ruffalo is his dream Hulk, does he mean at-all-ever and this is absolutely his favorite choice for Banner, or does he mean in context of the fact that Norton wouldn't work out and since he'd have carte blanch to push for a new guy he's exceedingly pleased that still worked out?
I hope after Avengers comes out Joss is as busy again as he was in 1998. Check out this old article.

He had 6 projects in development. Jesus. He has so many ideas in his head and I just want to pick them out and watch them.

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JW is a big fan of Soderbergh.

He tends to do one for the studio and one for himself. And that doesn't seem to turn out to mean SODERBERGH GOOD, STUDIO BAD either, which is quite interesting.

And I think Marvel seem to be a lot more sympathetic to Joss's M.O. than a 'normal' studio would be.

I'm not a big fan of comic book heroes (never heard of Iron Man before the film, but loved it) but I have high hopes for this.

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