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December 09 2003

Firefly movie news. Joss Whedon hints that the movie has still a very long way to go before it gets made. "If I start talking about it before there is [anything definitive to say], it lessens the chance that [it will get made]."

I'm getting the feeling that someone jumped the gun in announcing that he'd done a deal with Universal in September.

Joss is suppose to appear on a radio show in Dallas, TX this morning to talk about Firefly you can listen on the internet at - it's will be on at 9:10 am CT
Thanks RavenU..saw your post just un time! :) So far, a good interview!
Wish I had time to record it:(

Any recordings??
I think their conclusion, "It looks like that big-screen Firefly movie has been temporarily grounded" is pretty premature based on what's said in the rest of the article. All Joss said was "I have no news." That's a far cry from grounded. Fillion's ("reliable") sources say "it's still moving in a very positive direction." To me that in no way contradicts Joss' lack of news. All we've ever known for sure is that Universal bought the rights and Joss is working on a script.
I agree with Simon that "production in early 2004" was probably a gun-jumping rumor, but I refuse to be anything less than optimistic about this movie getting produced. And released. And being absolutely brilliant.

RavenU, protector: Any more nuggets about the movie in that interview?

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