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September 26 2010

Nominations for SFX Magazine Awards 2011. Nominations include the cancellation of Dollhouse and Buffy season 8.

Voted Buffy season 8 for lack of options despite not being thrilled with it right now (I refuse to give up being an Angel fan).

Beyond that, I went for the full Doctor Who-palooza (but despite loving Matt Smith dearly--especially that amazing bedroom scene with little Amelia in The Big Bang--I still had to give it to David Tennant for his heartbreaking swan song in The End of Time--"I don't want to go." indeed--Matt will be getting these awards by the truckload for the next few years and this is David's last chance, despite it being just his last episode vs. a whole new series). The other closest time I got to wanting to vote for two options was Wilf vs. Rory (had to go with Wilf).

And though tempted to vote for the cancellation of Dollhouse for biggest disappointment, I had to go with the new, fat Daleks (though the petrified repaint over the Power Ranger colors worked wonders).

For a lot of the other questions, I either had to skip or just go for something that I at least don't have a vendetta against. Boy, the 2010 movies have been a underwhelming, unappetizing bunch, haven't they? I don't have a desire to see any of them. It's funny, but in these polls, I keep realizing how much better and popular T.V. seems to be than movies these days. I haven't heard much of anything about barely any of those movies (a certain sparkly nuisance aside that thankfully didn't overtake yet another bunch of fan awards), yet I've heard gobs about T.V. shows.

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Yeah, choosing between Dollhouse cancellation and Dalek redesign was really hard for me. But in the end, the Daleks can be redesigned again, but we'll never get more Dollhouse, and that really breaks my heart :( Otherwise, I'm totally with you, Nile, I went Who-crazy on this!
The worst issue of Walking Dead is on par with the best of Buffy S8. No contest, Walking Dead....

As for the rest, total Who victory!(I never fully bonded with Dollhouse, but fat Daleks in crayola colors are truly an abomination....)
Did it bother anyone else that one of the nominations for best line of dialogue was a character on True Blood threatening to wear someone's rib cage as a hat?

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