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September 26 2010

Eliza Dushku on the Faith spinoff that never was. "It's a question I've been asked a gazillion times: 'Why'd you do Tru Calling and not the Faith spin-off?'".

Of all the talk about a series of movies, Ripper, and other unproduced spin-offs, this is the one that makes me saddest. I liked Tru Calling, but I really think Faith would have made an awesome series.
I really wanted some sort of slayer spin-off and Faith would have been the coolest. I loved Faith more than I even loved Buffy, and there was/is so much material that could have been really exciting. I'm betting that as much as Angel was a darker show, Faith would have been even darker. Possibly almost to Dollhouse status.

Now with the Giles/Faith pairings in the comic book, I can't help wondering, what would a Ripper/Faith series be like?
I literally ache while thinking of all the magnificent things we could have seen if Angel had gone on for another season. Or if Ripper... It's just, the big movie-corporations really can't understand the hurt we feel when we see something that feels like home get cancelled or never even bear fruit. It saddens me.
Faith the series would be great. But if it really did happen then there's a chance that i never know Eliza and then i wouldn't know Joss and watch all of his shiny shows and i wouldn't be here writing this comment.
I'm glad it didn't come to fruition in the sense that if Eliza did it because she felt some sort of obligation to do it for us, instead of an actual desire to continue on with the character of Faith, I think we would've have been more upset.

YMMV of course.
A Faith series could have been great, but I understand why she didn't do it. And Tru Calling was a good opportunity to try another character on a bigger network and not only be known as purely Faith with a side of the "girl sassy from Bring It On".
And I truly believe her when she says Joss' non-commitment was why she started to back away. Listening to her talk about Joss at Comic-con was kind like listening to a daughter talk about her dad. Dollhouse was obvs. the 'til next time.
I love these people.
Really surprised that Eliza is still apologizing for this. After all, it really wasn't meant to be and all parties concerned knew that. Why this subject keeps appearing is beyond me.
I completely disagree with you madhatter. I still regret that there wasn't a spin off of some kind.
Although I'd happily check it now, I was pretty Buffyverse-weary back in 2003 (exception: Angel Season 4 rocked to counter the mostly sorry Buffy Season 7, and 2004 wasn't a problem because once Angel Season 5 started really rocking and then got the sucky cancelation notice, I was back into it and at least wanted the proper conclusion to Angel...but not more Buffy or Faith). Was kinda glad to not feel obligated to watch a further continuation of the 'verse, so I could make time for trying out other shows or doing more non-TV stuff. Sometimes a bit of time/distance makes you more amiable to receiving further chunks of a story-'verse.

On the other hand, it's nice to see our favorite creators play with brand new worlds.
I'm not sure a Faith series would have worked. It might have been like Highlander: Raven or the X-Files Lone Gunmen spinoffs - great characters that didn't work in a series of their own.

But since it didn't happen, I understand how it's kinda of a could-have-been that a lot of genre tv fans are going to keep asking Eliza about, especially considering how poorly Tru Calling was received.

I've heard from a lot of the insiders involved before that had Joss been the one to do the last ditch pitch to Eliza instead of Tim Minear, that she probably would have done Faith instead of Tru Calling. And when hearing how Dollhouse came about, that really confirmed that had to be true.
I loved Faith more than I even loved Buffy, and there was/is so much material that could have been really exciting.

I agree with you, mariec, about Faith being a great character, but I can't love her more than Buffy. The blond slayer was my "first love". It's something so important as my "first Doctor" (Christopher Eccleston ) .
I love Faith, but after reading about the show premise - Faith on a motorcycle, with Incredible Hulk like episodes in different cities every week - I'm glad it didn't get made.

I've always believed the biggest strength in Whedon's shows to be the ensemble cast he creates. And with just Faith and maybe one or two recurring players, there would be no cast of characters who can grow and change and fight and make up and do all kinds of wonderful things to drive each other nuts that make us love them over the course of the series.

Really, would we have loved Firefly as much if it was just Mal on the ship? Yes, Nathan Fillion is great but the show was even better when he got to interact with everyone else.
See, I would have liked Angel's fourth season more if it weren't for the awful Cordy and Connor sex thing...not everyone liked Jasmine and everything, but I could stomach all of that. Just not the incest thing in the early part of the season...I thought Cordelia deserved better all around, in season 4 and 5.

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