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September 26 2010

Exploring Shepherd Book's back story. Zack Whedon and Scott Allie chat about "Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale".

Can. Not. Wait.

I heard word-of-mouth say it was next month, but I don't know anything official.
amazon has it on 7 december
Contrary to many opinions on here, I have a great dislike for comics. I don't personally see Buffy Season 8 as canon (just an opinion there) and from how I view it, the universes ended when the shows did. But thats just my thing.

I will however be getting this. Any new information about "Firefly", even in comic form, deserves my money. I cannot wait.
Apocalypse, I'm with you on comics dislike. I'll finish season 8 because it's nearly done, but I won't be starting season 9. I gave up on Angel comics after the "fall". None of it has the feel of the characters, or the depth, and the pacing is horrible.

However, I will get this one as well. Got to know what it takes to make a Shepherd.
In some ways, I'm actually sort of sad about this. I mean, I'll read it...but I'm worried that maybe having his backtory a mystery is part of what makes Book such a great character and that this will be ruined a little if his backstory is given.

I guess I won't know until I actually read it...
Nov 24 is the release date on Dark Horse's site.
Comic GN's are usually comic store exclusive for 1-2 weeks.

I would guess that Nov. 24th would be the release date for the comic stores, with Amazon and the rest of the book sellers getting theirs 2 weeks later.
This may be important to keep in mind in terms of spoilers?
I'm so waiting for it!
AT LAST! I loved the Shepherd and having been longing to find out more about him. I agree with Apocalypse and MissKittysMom, I'm not a big fan of the comic/graphic novel genre. I tried with Buffy Season 8 but gave up after only a few. Just don't think it is a format that suits me. I will be giving this one a go for said reasons though. V exciting so like Pointy, waiting......
Apocalypse, I also did'nt liked comics for a very long time, till I saw Joss' Fray. It's a great tale, with Mr. Whedon in his best writing abilities. Loks a lot like a Movie script. Maybe you'll like.
I read the Buffy and Firefly comics and on the whole I like them. But they also makes me a tad sad, especially the Firefly ones, as I cant avoid thinking... this would have been so much better in TV form. *sigh*

That said, I cant wait to read the Sheperds Tale. Hopefulli it dosnt take to much out of the mystery that is Book.

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I'm another one who finds that the comics just don't quite do it for me. Not really my thing, I guess.

I will definitely read this though; I just can't help myself...I want to know.

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