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December 09 2003

A Quickie with Firefly's Tim Minear at "Were Simon and River supposed to have *that* kind of tension? Well... it's not like we didn't *notice.*"

Hands up if anyone else thought there was "tension"? Cause I sure didn't.

raises hand

What show were YOU watching? Did you not see the feeding of berries?
Great little interview.
In my innocent mind I thought he really cared for her in a brotherly way and was very protective of her cause what the Alliance did to her (those doctors were the creepiest villains Joss has done since 'Hush').
I agree with Simon. I didn't feel any sexual tension. I guess I'm not a deviant. :D
The sexual tension was epic.
At times it did come across as very sexual on Simon's part or at least that's how it came across to me. Especially the episode where River is about to be burned at the stake and the way Simon climbs up next to her and wraps his arms around her to die with her. Having recently seen a clip of that it could definitely seem to a casual observer that he was going to die with his lover and not his sister if they didn't know the whole background. But I think it was just supposed to be that they were enormously close as children and that Simon now feels like a protective father for her especially since their own father turned his back on them. I also think that Simon felt guilt that he wasn't there to prevent what happened to her. I think he treats her like a china doll because he feels she is so fragile.
(Simon, uh, why is this in the Angel category?)

I've got to say I'm with Simon as well.
Thanks aaronsw, didn't notice that :).
I never saw the tension myself. People were discussing it on other boards but I never saw it. I thought it was funny though in that light the deleted scene from OMR on the DVD where . (Invisi-texted for those who haven't got that far yet.)

Of course I don't generally see the "slash" tension people talk about all the time anywhere either. Wesley & who? C'mon, he's only got eyes for Fred!
Some people just have dirtier minds than others.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Whoo Hoo!...just got shipping confirmation from Amazon that my Firefly DVD set was sent out today...from Delaware, so I should get it in just a few days...this will be a good, no, make that great, weekend!

(I stupidly missed the broadcast it will all be new to me...)

[ edited by Chris in Virginia on 2003-12-10 00:20 ]
I've never seen Firefly either. Since I'm cheap and don't like to risk things, I'm holding out on buying the set. But I did rent it from Netflix. The first disc arrived today. Can't wait to get started on a possibly new fandom!
Here's envying Chris and lalaa: they get it all new!
I envy them too because they get to experience it in the order it was supposed to be shown in! Enjoy!
Funny, melsta and blwessels, I have said similar things to friends when I give them my spare copies of Seasons one of either Buffy or Angel..."I envy you...!"

Told my wife that they would arrive probably by Friday...she is as excited as I am...

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