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September 26 2010

Become part of the 2011 CSTS Global Team - applications now open. Be a member of the Global Teams that helped raise over $450,000 for charity.

To get that figure I added on my little calculator (some of you might remember those things) the numbers from the events page and the total so far from the home page for 2010.

Has anyone here organized a local CSTS before? I'm thinking of trying to start one in Brisbane some time next year.
I've organised the Melbourne event for the last 2 years, and helped support the new Sydney event crew run their first event this year. We have a great support network, and it'd be great to get an event going in Brisbane again!
Wow. That is some serious shekels. Copious cashola. Beautiful bucks. Generous greenbacks. Marvelous moola. Classy coinage. Delightful dinero. Lovely lolly. Bounteous bread. Wonderful wedge.

Be very a'proud, all.

Of course, I'm very much looking forward to reading the whole SFX Whedon special edition, including its bits and bites of our own zeitgeist and SoddingNancyTribe, but I'm also definitely looking forward to this CSTS discussion which includes its founder.
Brisbane has had an event before. I could put you in touch with the previous organiser if you'd like? No promises his email is the same though.
Oh wow, I had no idea. Suppose I should have Googled that! Thanks Ivalaine, that would be great.

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huh. I am under-qualified for pretty much all of that. How about security guard? I can be pretty imposing despite my 5'3" stature!
Got the addy and CC'd in. Feel free to edit it out if you want.
Boy, I'd really like to be a Communications Director..editing, writing, social media, etc. is exactly what I do for a living. It's unfortunate I've been so shy these past few years considering I've been to nearly every single local (Arlington, VA) screening.
the ninja report,

Sounds like you should fill out an application!

Do you have a outfit or security guard uniform that might look like something people would wear on Ariel or like an Alliance uniform? Cause that might be fun to have someone guarding the ticket seller against those thieving Browncoats. Crowd control. Stuff like that.

Cause your local CSTS event can usually use all the help they can get.

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