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September 27 2010

Top 10 sexiest evil twins of all time! Three guesses who.

Bored Now! That list is spot on. Haha. Glad to see Jeannie 2 in the list as well. I loved that show as a kid.
So I'm guessing it's not Lindsey and Eliot then?

Nice that they included vamp Willow. But how about double Xanders? And how on earth did the Masked Roger get left off this list?! He's way sexy and there are three of him!!
Right there with them. Disturbingly hot.
Oh yes, VampWillow is a champ in any league, but I also have to applaud the inclusion of Anti-Lethbridge-Stuart. The Pertwee epsiodes are how I see The Doctor, sorry, folks. And so glad Serena was relegated to Honorable Mention; she left me with a prejudice against twin-substitution plots that only the best can overcoem for me.
Vamp Xander was dead sexy... come to think of it.. so was Vamp Willow.
Well, that's what I was going to say. I mean, it's certainly not me and gossi.
I love Vamp Willow, but I'd have replaced Walternate with "Smooth" Xander. Or Vamp Xander. Or just make a list of Xander.
Vampire Willow is amazing...and I love her outfit!
...Aren't you going to introduce me to yourohmygoditswillow
I was thinking the the double Xanders from S5, but Vampire Willow totally beats them both. ;)
Yeah, I agree that Vamp Xander should've made the list. Oh, well.

In other news, seriously? There was an evil K.I.T.T. on Knight Rider? Wow.

Also, all the wet blanket stuff about Elena kinda made me smile.
I notice the article doesn't specify that K.A.R.R. stood for Knight Automated Roving Robot. No, I didn't have the Google for that.
It actually did take me three guesses cus I was thinking of twins not evil doppelgangers. Hell yes to vampire Willow though. She's a bit ropey in the Wish but totally nails it in Doppelgangland.
I was thinking of Mingo and Fanty.
Was happy to see Elena/Katerine on this list, The Vampire Diaries is the best vamp show since Buffy/Angel. Ian Somerhalder makes me feel about Damon the way James did about Spike. I feel every one of his hurts and cry often for him.
"Dah-ling" Jeannie II for the win! (Ah, I might be the only one who spent that many obsessive years watching TVLand.) Points to Mirror-Spock and Serena, as well. The '60s shows loved their evil twins.

Angelus is probably my favorite evil twin!

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Is it that Lore doesn't qualify as sexy, or is it that Lore isn't, under the definition used in this list,a twin :-)?
DaddyCatALSO - I LOL'd a bit, I must admit :).
Danny DeVito in "Twins".
Nice that they included vamp Willow. But how about double Xanders? And how on earth did the Masked Roger get left off this list?! He's way sexy and there are three of him!!


That's why - because The Masked Roger is a triplet, plus we don't know for sure which one is evil - or if they all are!

Vampire Willow definitely deserves to be on the list - and Jeannie 2. I also thought of Serena and only have a vague recollection of K.I.T.T.'s evil twin now that they reminded me. Thanks for giving the full name, theonetrueb!x.
I loved how Vamp Willow was such a goth slacker, contrasting our much more wound up weight-of-the-world Willow. I think my favorite scene was:

Vamp Willow: "Bored now! (wham) I'm having a terrible night. Wanna make it better?"

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