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September 28 2010

Article on using iTunes to get hooked on previous TV shows lists guess-what as an example. A writer explaining how NBC's refusal to participate in iTunes TV show rental is idiotic discusses his own late-to-the-party discoveries such as "Castle," which led to "Firefly," which led to... I think we know this song. Great to see the show is still pulling in new viewers, though.

Interesting article, although I usually find that buying the dvd is much more cost effective than buying from iTunes or Amazon. The rental option may be a tad cheaper (although I often find DVDs of season sets on sale for around $20 or less, which is very close to and sometimes less than $1 an episode). But then you only get to watch it until the rental expires, and after that your money is spent, but the episode cannot be rewatched. Even if it costs just a bit more to own on dvd I think it's worth buying. And I'm sure it would still be cheaper than a rental if you buy the dvd and then sell it on eBay, if you really don't want to keep it.
Wow, what a boneheaded decision on NBC's part. Additional revenue streams are always a good idea. People who might buy one or two episodes might never be a DVD buyer. And people who start out buying a few episodes might end up getting the whole DVD set if they like it. And it's not like people can't see the series' for less through Netflix if they prefer.

As the author points out, in some cases there's no DVD to be found anyway so how are they devaluing a product that isn't being sold? This is like publishers insisting on hamstringing the eBook market when they could be tapping new readers that way instead, and selling them a product they can restrict far more than print copies whose resales earn them nothing.

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