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September 28 2010

Who is researching the role of the Wasp for The Avengers? Could it just end up another mislead like the Eva Longoria (and Nathan Fillion) rumors, or is a Whedon alum being added to the casting?

We know Joss said "no more heroes", but could Morena be Janet Van Dyne after all?

Oh, that'd be awesome. So very, very awesome.
Interesting. Wouldn't it be awesome if Nathan Fillion played Hank Pym and Morena Baccarin played the Wasp?

Of course, I kind of doubt this. I honestly think there will be no more major characters. Probably no more than a small part, if that. In a potential sequel, maybe, but not in this one. It's just too big.
While I'm still annoyed that Hank/Jan won't be in the Avengers, (especially considering they ARE the founders,) perhaps she's researching for an Ant Man film. Then Ant Man/Wap shuffle into Avengers 2?
This speculation is all well and good, but I'm waiting for information pertaining to Stan Lee's cameo. I wonder if he'll be continuing his role as "Janitor" from Iron Man 2.
I'd be pleased either way: if Janet turned up in Whedon's Avengers (not necessarily as a hero yet, unless that was like some sort of double blind lie so fans would be pleasantly surprised by more than one super-heroine?) or as a lead in Edgar Wright's take on Ant-Man. Hopefully both. Is both an option?
I've never thought of her as diminutiv dumi short.

She's always seemed to me to be tall and willowy and elegant and, oh crikey.
Her "Anna" look on V is close to how I picture Janet/Wasp in my head, though I'm not sure if Wasp is always short-haired (to differentiate her from the other major headlining female Marvel heroes, most of whom have long hair, too many of them red headed from what I recall--though I like red-heads in real life--with the exception of occasionally mohawk-rockin' Storm). I know she was short-haired in the two Ultimate Avengers movies, plus maybe the few times I saw her in the comics, and I'm pretty sure she was closely cropped in that short-lived Avengers animated series from a decade back.

Plus Morena's very pixie-lookin', so...yeah, it's a nice fit. Remembering how often her and her husband are on eachother's case brings to mind Mal and Inara too. Good banter.

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