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September 28 2010

Astonishing X-Men 'Gifted' motion comic now out on DVD. says it "celebrates and highlights what Whedon and Cassaday have done, and brings it to an exciting new level".

I still don't understand the desire for motion comics. Of course, I also don't understand what the problem is with getting a new Superman series of films up and going. From 1986-2000 there are storylines that could easily make a series of six films. Granted that would take course over twelve years at minimum, but still.

On topic though, the only motion my comic gets is when I turn the page. And I don't even need Tinkerbell's chimes to know when to do so.
During the preview I saw a while back (I guess from when it was first put out on iTunes), I didn't like the voice acting and a lot of the movement looked "wrong"-ish/creepy. From what I saw of the Buffy motion comics, at least they got the movement mostly right, felt a little more creative than most motion comics I've checked out so far (though I haven't seen more than the botched-voice preview of that, so I can't judge the voice acting and there's a bit more baggage due to the change of cast...though due to all the X-Men films and animated series over the years, I'm pretty biased/difficult to please there as well).

Be interested in seeing some negative or moderate reviews on this as well.

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