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September 28 2010

ArtsQuest Interviews Touchstone Theatre re: Dr. Horrible. touchstone is a theatre in Bethlehem, PA and a production of Dr. Horrible is part of their 30th Anniversary Celebration.

Practice your evil laugh now, East Coasters!

I just saw a live theatre version of Dr. Horrible at the Vancouver Fringe Festival this month - first with a group of local Browncoats - and then again on Sunday night as it was held over as the National Pick of the Fringe. It was very well done, incorporating a large screen to both depict the video blog aspect and to change the background. Eight actors did all the roles and they also sang three songs from Commentary! The Musical: "Ninja Ropes", "There's Nobody Asian in the Theatre [Movies]" and "Moist". The last they used as a big stage finale dance number and it worked well.

They also did a couple of shout-outs to Firefly - an autographed picture of Jewel Staite, which they auctioned off after the show ended, was hanging on the wall behind Dr. Horrible as he blogged, and during the homeless scene, the actor who played Billy came out with a blanket around him which later came off to reveal a Jayne's hat! (We knew about that, of course, since our Meetup organiser made the hat and we had met the producer/manager when she picked it up.)

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