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September 28 2010

Summer Glau talks playing Supergirl in Superman/Batman Apocalypse. An extensive interview courtesy of on the day of Superman/Batman: Apocalypse's official release. A lot of talk regarding the whedonverse makes it in there as well.

Additionally see here for an interview with director Lauren Montgomery, where she talks about what it was like having Summer as part of the cast as well as how she ended up with the role.

Both links lead to the Montgomery interview. Here's the proper Glau link
Whoops! - thanks for catching that!
Does anyone know when/where this will be released?
It's already out on DVD/BluRay. Watched it already, and thought it was okay. Twas the first DC animated film I've seen, and it was enjoyable enough for me to watch another... If it has Summer! Haha.
She's to cute. You just want to hug her when she talks about how shy she is.
The only one I've seen is Wonder Woman (mostly due to Nathan). I really need to see some more; this one looks fun.
I loved the Wonder Woman much. Best I've seen of the DC animated movie line so far (not counting some of the stuff within the DCAU continuity, like Mask of the Phantasm and Return of the Joker, though those could arguably be called pieces of the ongoing shows they sprung from and not standalone films like these new ones) I watched the Green Lantern one after that and didn't really enjoy it. Probably should've watched those two in reverse, but I was going in order. Was picking up this summer where I left off back in 2008 after seeing the first three of these (Superman: Doomsday, Justice League: New Frontier, and Batman: Gotham Knight--those in declining quality, IMO, though I loved Doomsday and thought New Frontier was solid as well).

Still four more to go. I remember thinking that the preview for the first Superman/Batman flick looked like it might be good, but then it seemed to get trashed overall. Crisis on Two Earths looked okay and Under the Red Hood looks great (and was well-received). This next one looks promising.

Given up on Marvel's stuff for now (followed 'em for the first four, from Ultimate Avengers through Dr. Strange). Too many since.

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