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September 28 2010

Twitter based TV shows we'd actually watch. Zap2it list the Twitter feeds they'd like to become TV shows. Our favourite Captain is on the list.

My favorite Whedon Twitter feed is Julie Benz's. I'm also fond of John Rogers' and Amy Berg's.

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Oh my God, I had no idea Joshua Malina had a Twitter account. This is the happiest day of my life.
"Cat: DOOD LOOK AT THIS! Me: Yeah, it's a ping pong ball. Cat: BEST TOY EVAR! Me: Better than the empty box? Cat: OMG PUT IT IN THE BOX!"

Yea. I actually showed that tweet to my mom when I first saw it and she started laughing. Love @wilw.
I love Wil Wheaton's conversations with his pets - or with iTunes & Genius! And Joshua Malina is usually strange yet entertaining. Nathan, of course, is Nathan so always worth reading.
If you scroll down the page to "Related Content" after the end of the article, there's a link to a funny clip of Nathan on Jimmy Kimmel.
That "Shh Don't Tell Steve" feed is hilarious. I just wasted about four hours reading the entire thing. I think it'd actually make for a pretty decent TV series (can't be much worse than Shit My Dad Says, anyway.)
Emma Caulfield's would make a good _Sermonette_ :-).
He's also got a Facebook AND will not only friend you back, but he reads your posts and comments on them (very occasionally, but more than I can say for other "stars" on FB). He's hilarious.
Brent Spiner has the best Twitter account. mostly for his replies:
RT @DrGeneDangoMD:@brentspiner Favorite episode of TNG? --To be honest. I never really watched The Newlywed Game.

RT @wilw: Remember when you were the robot and lived on the space ship? I saved our lives from time to time. --Were you Dr. Smith?
I concur, Josh Malina is HILARIOUS. He's easily as funny as Nathan, but tweets all the time.

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