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September 29 2010

Watch the pilot of Julie Benz's new show 'No Ordinary Family'. The show premiered last night on ABC.

Anyone here watch it?

Saw the free online preview they gave a few week ago.

My opinion: promising, but not there yet. Broken family life was too cliched and predictable, but the potential for shaking that up with superpowers is interesting. I'd like to see future episodes go completely different directions with it, but I'm not sure how bold ABC will let them be. If nothing else it's worth watching for Chiklis and Benz, and here's hoping they capture the "Heroes" excitement without making the same mistakes.
I liked the pilot episode. I'll definitely tune in again.

Also, this may be worthy of its own post but since it's still in the rumor phase and this story's right here, I'll post it here. Amy Acker might be appearing in an upcoming episode: Story here.

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watched it. liked it. will continue to watch to support Julie and Greg Berlanti.
Dammit, missed this last night! Missed the panel at SDCC too. Julie Benz fail! Will make a point to check out the pilot in the hulu link to catch up.
I thought it was pretty good. Julie is always charming, and I am glad to see her playing the "Smart One" after playing a stripper on DH and a struggling single mother on Dexter. Not saying those are not great roles that need to be played, but it is good to see that she can also get roles as a strong, smart, career woman.
It was ok. Nothing new in it whatsoever, but there is potential. Despite having a pretty great supporting cast, Chiklis carried the whole thing. Romany Malco was alright as well. Julie Benz was good but she couldn't do anything to gloss over the fact her character is boring and clichéd.

The two kids could do with a trip to the Dollhouse for a treatment - they were so irritating, they seriously need a complete personality change. Same thing could be said about the entire start of Glee S2, but thats a different story (and website) altogether!

I'll continue watching because of my loyalty to Vic Mackey.
It was very ABC Family and I think there is room for family friendly fare. It got super interesting in the last 10 minutes, but it was a bit cliched as others have mentioned. Chiklis and Malco are the stand-outs of the show. This and The Event are what I will watch this season (RIP Lone Star, you were the best of em all). So sick of cop procedurals I could scream.
About potential, I would loved if The Gates had a group of good writers. They could have done a very good mithology, but the episodes are just very cliche ;(
"after playing a stripper on DH"

It took me a long moment to realize this meant "Desperate Housewives" and not "Dollhouse." Sometimes I wonder if I'm too Whedoncentric...
I've seen it twice now and I still quite like it. Go Julie Benz!

Yes, the kids grate on my nerves. I hope that's the plan–make them irritating and then turn them around after they learn to deal with their powers.

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