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September 29 2010

First episode of Nicholas Brendon's webcomic Very Bad Koalas! Art by Steve Loter and Rafael Santiago.

Is that just a teaser or what?
Nope, it's the first strip. There'll be a new one every Wednesday.
Ah. Thank you!

Also, the artwork is pretty cool.

[ edited by menomegirl on 2010-09-29 17:54 ]
I like it. The cow panel is hilarious. But I'm confused. Are the two koala's shown doing the crimes not the two main koala's? Is this going to be a mistaken identity sort of thing?
Kaan, I think we'll find out for sure what's going on later. But the two that are on the run in the last panel are definitely not the hard-core types that would milk a cow at gunpoint. That takes a koala with a serious sac on him.
I thought it was kinda brilliant. I seriously struggle to keep up with comics, let alone online comics, so hopefully I remember this one.
Honestly, what's so important about owning a couple of sacks? I've got some nice tan burlap ones which can hold lots of potatoes or carrots or fresh cut leaves or...

What do you mean wrong kind of sack?!? Urban slang?!? WTF is urban slang?!?
Gotta watch those Drop Bears, little stoners are more devious than they look.

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