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September 29 2010

Julie Benz's "No Ordinary Family" premiere ratings. The season premiere had ABC's best ratings this season.

It premiered with a 3.1/9 18-49 rating, and it increased 0.4 rating points in the second half hour. 10.5 million viewers watched.

15 minute breakdowns:
"No Ordinary Family

- 10.043 million viewers
- 6.1/10 HH
- 2.8/9 A18-49

- 10.362 million viewers
- 6.2/10 HH
- 3.1/9 A18-49

- 10.713 million viewers
- 6.4/10 HH
- 3.2/9 A18-49

- 11.635 million viewers
- 6.9/11 HH
- 3.4/9 A18-49"

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Wow, cool. I haven't watched it yet (planning to, though), but I'm kinda surprised it did so well. I didn't think there was much promotion around it...I've only seen a couple of ads, and only really in the past few days.
By best ratings I take it you mean best ratings for a new show rather than overall for ABC.
I haven't seen it yet either but was wondering if they were keeping a serious tone or if its more of a campy production.

Anyone here see it? ...serious or campy?
Alexreager, from the pilot it seems like it'll be mostly serious with some humor thrown in from the sides. I liked it. The tone wasn't too heavy (Heroes) but there were definite hints of bigger things to come in addition the family-with-super-powers story.
It's nice to hear about a show doing well on whedonesque for a change. :)

Haven't seen it yet, but I plan to.
alexreager, Julie calls it a dramactionomedy. And now I owe her a quarter.

Every year ABC launches a show well, but it inevitably fades as the season goes on. Hopefully this doesn't happen here. It's not the best thing ever, but I'd like to see where it goes.
Yeah, but by well, it usually does around 4.0

by the way, it went up to a 3.2 in the finals
Watched it. Parents were cool. Kids were annoying. But Autumn Reeser stole the show with her brief scenes as Julie Benz's lab tech.
"It's nice to hear about a show doing well on whedonesque for a change. :)"

"Castle" is doing well too.

DB Woodside's new show "Hellcats" looks to be meeting the expectations of the CW.

And (before I forget) Congrats to Julie Benz!

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