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December 09 2003

Entertainment Weekly Reviews the 'Firefly' and 'Buffy' DVDs Released Yesterday. Both garnered A ratings.

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About 'Firefly': "...'Firefly: The Complete Series' was a smart, satisfying genre reinvention... The cast was strong, led by Nathan Fillion's roguish captain, the writing renegade-tight; Whedon was trying something new -- it's a shame he didn't get to finish."

About 'Buffy': "Anything but tired, 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 5' delivers some of the most perfect episodes in the series' history, culminating in the awesome finale, ''The Gift''..."

The print review of 'Firefly' is in the December 5th edition on page 76 while the print review of 'Buffy' is in the December 12th edition on page 64, and gets the "Editor's Choice" star.

As for access codes for the EW website, the December 5th edition is "clickew" while the December 12th edition is "ewhotnews".

I was surprised by the Buffy review, since they were unduly harsh on seasons 3 and 4. They're very correct about this new set. I watched it today with a deadline creeping up behind me, and I was spellbound. Perfect transfers and the best features of the DVD packages so far.

Anyone else remember the special issue EW published in 1999, a guide to seasons 1-3? It was a beautiful packaged, smartly layed out and packed with interviews and original art. Time Inc should publish a book with all of EW, People and Time's Buffy articles (including Time's early praise of the series), and an updated episode guide for all seven seasons.
Dave, I remember that issue!

It was one of the best BtVS articles I've seen to date! Kudos to you for remembering the year, I surely didn't. Wonder if we can get our hands on a back issue that far gone? I'd like to see that again, and it'd be great for my collection.
Willowy, I actually was able to find a copy on EBay for about $5. Search for "Buffy" and "EW". Four years later, there are still copies sitting around.

Also, I used to work at Time Inc (but not EW) and I'm 99% sure you can buy reprints of specific articles from them if you ask. But I want a special edition book, dang it! :)

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