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September 29 2010

'Veronika Decides To Die' out in Germany tomorrow. The official website has a list of cinemas that will be showing the Sarah Michelle Gellar movie.

I'm looking forward to watch the movie on friday. :)
I love this movie. It doesn't have as much heart as the book, but it was amazing and SMG was brilliant.
As the Canadian government once had done with Bryan Adams, now, I apologize, in behalf of Brazil, about Paulo Coelho.
Does anyone know when this film is being released in the U.S.?
There is no release scheduled for the US currently as it has no distributor either for theatrical or DVD .

The same situation also applies to the UK .
I never realised that David Thewlis was in it, he's a great actor.
Darn Germans, they always get everything first. ;)
Brasilian Chaos Man, I realize it's common for even Brazilians to snub Coelho, but I really appreciated Veronika Decides to Die. I also was impressed by SMG's performance in this film.

Just last night at Book Club I met another Coelho non-fan. I suspect he has as many detractors as fans.

Really, there's no need to apologize on behalf of your nation. That's all.
Lucky German fans. I wish it would get released either in theaters or on dvd here in the US.
Ich bin begeistert wie ein kleines Mädchen in a candy Garten!
Poor SMG. So many straight-to-dvd titles and she's really a very good actress. Wonder what she'll do next.
Poor SMG.So many straight-to-dvd titles

Two only actually .Suburban Girl and Possession .

SG was the only one where the distributor never even tried for a theatrical release .
Suburban Girl was absolutely horrible, i couldnt make it through the whole movie, it really was bad.

I dont think this movie would do well in a theatrical release, i've seen it and it really isnt anything special. Good cast and everyone does fine, but the movie is just 'meh'.
It's a matter of taste and we're all different. I liekd Suburban Girl but I think Southland Tales will remain on my retired shelf next to Harvard Man and SLither.

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