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September 29 2010

Vincent Kartheiser cast in Andrew Niccol's new film. He'll be playing the father of Amanda Seyfried's character. The film was called "I'm.mortal", but the title's been dropped. It's about a world where no one ages past 25 unless they can literally buy more time.

So does that mean they die at the age of 25 or they stay 25 forever?
Well technically that's the same thing.

How can they be the same thing? One involves decay and one doesn't.
If you die when you're 25 you're never going to get any older...

So, Angel's son is gonna be a father! Ah, the circle of life.
I find it faintly disturbing that VK is old enough to play anyone's father... since he and Amanda Seyfried both played "kid" characters in the shows I met them in at roughly the same time, I mentally picture them as the same age.
This sounds interesting, but doesn't sound like "a teen oriented movie".

I love that someone other than me caught Another Day in Paradise and apparently reached the same conclusion I did ... that Vincent was an extraordinarily talented actor, one to really watch.
Kinda reminds me of "Logan's Run".
I was curious, VK is actually six years older than his character's appearance is supposed to be. Seyfried's got another year before she hits that 25 threshold (which totally boggles my mind since I expected her to be around the same age as basically most of her costars like Kristen Bell and the majority of the cast of Mean Girls, aside from Lindsay Lohan.)

Anyway though, I'm gad they dropped the original title which seemed a bit teenboppy even though they may have been shooting for arty/ominous.

This is an interesting cast though. I actually find Justin Timberlake surprisingly appealing as an actor but I've mostly just seen his comedic stuff. And even then that's mostly been SNL.

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