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September 29 2010

Ten shows you should watch now that they've ended. Firefly and Dollhouse make the list!

I really love it when they mention the show and the movie...cause I still think there are people who don't know.

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Dollhouse! Doll freakin' house. I keep saying it. It's fun to say. Dollhouse. Dollhouse. Dollhouse. Dollhouse.
5-6 episodes in? I don't know a person (who liked it) that didn't love it after episode 2.

Of course Serenity, the episode, is one of my favorites and hooked me immediately.
This is a great list - all these shows are top quality, and for the most part, died well before their time.

I had to laugh at this though:

[Undeclared]is where... Sons of Anarchy‘s Charlie Hunnan got his start. After seeing this show where he plays a British ladies man, I never thought his next role would be as a hardcore American biker.

Even stranger for those of us who saw him get his real start on the original British Queer as Folk. =P

He's so good, that I've been watching Sons of Anarchy since it started and never put the two together. Damn. Now I have to watch Undeclared again. Not that that's a bad thing. :)
WTF?? He put Dollhouse on the list, but not Buffy because he "just couldn't get into it?" How can you be a Whedon fan and not love Buffy??? That's just blasphemy!! LOL!
For me, the moment Firefly nabbed me is extremely specific: When they're applying the "sticky" to the airlock of the derelict ship they plan to plunder, and it burns through with nary a sizzle or hiss. Because, you know, no sound in space. Firefly always respected that. And, oh yeah, it also had compelling characters, crackling dialogue, humor, suspense, an overarching mythology... aw, balls. Here comes the pain again.
I've actually come across a lot of people who consider themselves Whedon fans but only like Dollhouse, Firefly, and Dr. Horrible.
Battlestar Galactica is exactly the sort of show I might have skipped had it finished airing before I started watching. The nice thing about Firefly, Dollhouse, and Freaks and Geeks was that each of them were killed long before they jumped the shark. BSG? Not so much.

But then I did watch Tru Calling and Veronica Mars, two shows whose later episodes really couldn't measure up to the first ones. It is less painful to wait and hope for something wonderful, when you know you can cruise through a few episodes a night and not worry about cliffhangers.
Pretty good list, but IMO Dollhouse doesnt really belong there. I really enjoyed the show but it was nowhere near the quality of the others ones on the list.
@JAYROCK - I consider myself a Whedon fan mostly due to Firefly, and to a slightly lesser extent, Buffy. I wanted to like DH, but it never grabbed me (yes saw the whole thing - forced myself) nor did Dr.H. Never saw Angel. Liked Toy Story, and I like Jossy interviews. Go fig.

BSG was one of those shows I HAD to watch back to back, b/c for some reason whenever I let time slide btwn one episode and the next I'd have a hard time getting back into it. If I had watched it while it aired I never would have made it.
::Sigh:: Angel is the most underrated Whedon show. And it's my favorite!
Well I agree with the author when they say Dollhouse was one of the smartest shows ever written, and best acted too.
Hmm, not so sure about this guy's list, I watched the whole first series, and part of the second, of Lost and still gave up cus it just wasn't compelling and the characters sucked. Basically when someone really digs Lost I don't trust their opinion. And then he puts Extras on there?!?!?!?!?!? What has this guy been smoking? That was painfully unfunny.

It did make me want to re-watch Dollhouse and BSG though.
@Tin Ear Tom. Exactly the same moment catched me. After that there were no turning back.
@NileQT87 - is it worth watching for someone who didn't care for Angel on Buffy?
I dig the list. Some favorites outside the 'verse are on it--BSG, Freaks and Geeks, among others I've enjoyed. I liked Lost. Didn't luuuurve it like some folks, but I found it very engaging and enjoyable on DVD.

I'm not sure when or if I'd have found BSG without Whedonesque. I finally gave it a try due to recommendations straight from here. Same for Freaks and Geeks. I learned long ago to trust the judgment of my fellow Whedonesquers. I have The Wire and am just waiting for the right time to check it out.

And ahhh, nice reminders of when we got hooked on Firefly. It was easy for me. At the end of the first scene, with Mal watching the Alliance ships land. Then the theme song kicked in, IIRC, and it became my crack for the next oh, couple years.
How did I miss the part where he says he couldn't get into Buffy? Oh well ... I don't think there should be a litmus test. :)

That's a pretty good list. We should be used to seeing Firefly on these lists, but I'm glad to see Serenity mentioned as a worthy coda.
And I'm thrilled every time I read someone who appreciated Dollhouse as much as I did. I totally agree with the "one of the smartest shows ever written".
@F_TB - absolutely. Angel didn't really have a personality on Buffy outside of being Buffy's boyfriend... Angel (the series) ramps it up quite considerably. As with most of Joss's shows its the supporting characters that suck you in, and the first season is a bit slow, but it's very good. I couldn't stand Angel in Buffy S3, yet he's probably my favourite Buffyverse character, or at least the one I identify with the most, when it comes to his own show.
@Matt7325 - Thanks, maybe I will go ahead and do that this weekend then. Agree with your comment about supporting characters.
Agree with Matt7325. Angel developed as a character beyond simply being a romantic interest on Buffy. In fact, the character development on 'Angel' is pretty phenomenal - Cordelia, Wesley and Fred stand out for me. Angel unencumbered by love is interesting in that the series gets to explore what it means to be a hero, moral compromise and ambiguity, and the consequences of our actions. It's definitely worth watching, but I guess I'm biased. It's my favourite Whedon series and sadly, it's the most underrated.
That whole thing with waiting until a series finishes? I actually did that with BSG. Apart from having seen the Miniseries way back when, I first watched it in Blu-ray marathon form over a month. And it was AWESOME. The list is mostly good, but he 'couldn't get into' Buffy? Come on.
I've seen every single show on that list, and I would probably recommend them all and then some. [Five minutes later] I literally just wrote them all down and put some sort of brilliant synonym surrounding each one... I deleted it.

Re: Dollhouse, its absolutely up there. Whenever I think about it, I think of pain and heartache. I get it for Buffy, but the emotion in Dollhouse seems much more raw to me. Love it.
It's great that Firefly & Dollhouse are on the list, I'm so glad Dollhouse is getting some great comments, it is really underestimated by the public. Buffy and Angel should have been on the list, Buffy for me is tv perfection!

Also like someone further up commented I also got into Battlestar Galactica thanks to the whedonverse, I watched it earlier on this year, and loved it!
Buffy should be on there, considering it's the best show ever created.

I am glad Dollhouse made the list though, I still get sad knowing we'll never get more seasons :(
Although I never saw Firefly in its televised run--it came and went so quickly that it never made my radar--I have to agree with every good thing said about it. I've turned other people on to it, and for some people, it's the only Whedon show they like. DH I hated at first, like so many people, but it did indeed become a very smart show, with some stellar acting--especially, for me, Enver Gjokaj's. I had an up and down and up and (last 30 minutes of the finale) down relationship with Lost, but it's still a worthy rewatch in my book. And for BSG, I have to thank Simon again for his recommendation here. That's what gave me the impetus to watch and get hooked. (And remember, all, that Caprica returns next Tuesday evening!)
Lost and BSG were both very frustrating to watch as they first aired. They both had very complex backstories and mythologies that I would completely lose track of between episodes, not to mention during the weird, months-long breaks that both of those shows took.

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