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September 30 2010

Happy birthday Serenity! It's five years to the day that the movie came out in the United States.

The opening weekend was a rollercoaster ride for the fandom, full of extreme highs (the movie coming out) and then extreme lows (the box office returns).

Wow I can't believe its been that long already. I saw it 4 times that weekend.(maybe I should've seen it more?) but the best viewing I ever had was at a advanced preview screening in charlotte with a room full of browncoats. In fact thats probably my favorite theather experience ever. Everyone laughed at the same jokes, got excited at the same moments, and of course there was the collective gasp when Joss ripped all of our hearts out.

I think I'll watch this for the 200th time today.
Happy birthday! Re-watched it last night, funnily enough. Alright, let's honour this momentous occasion with an announcement of the sequel. Please.

Well, I thought it'd be a nice gift.
Locally, we threw a Charity picnic back on the 18th, and watched the BDM.
I've always thought "Sereniversary" was the perfect time for grassroots giving.

-We raised $750 for the local Women's Shelter, btw.
I can't believe I missed all that the first time around (discovered the show/film like 2-3 yrs ago). Must have been nuts!
Then I guess you were lucky to miss the SAVE WASH campaign before the movie had even been released.
Happy Birthday, Serenity! :D
How badly did I want to see Serenity? I'd had surgery on a badly injured foot, still had a "space boot" cast on, still on crutches and in pain. I went anyhow.

I couldn't drive, I talked a friend who had never even seen Firefly into taking me (he loved it and bought the Firefly DVD set.)
We too saw it 4 times that weekend, one back to back viewing on Friday. I was so glad we did. I missed 5 minutes of the movie towards the end there. I can't imagine why.

We went back and saw it three more times before it left the theatre here. I even harassed management at the theatre to get the poster they'd had in the window. :)
I think this was the last movie I saw 3 or more times in the theater...
Then I guess you were lucky to miss the SAVE WASH campaign before the movie had even been released.

I still shudder at that. So many people could have spoiled accidently.
OMG, five years!?! I can't remember how many times I saw it that weekend, 3 or 4, but I think I saw it 7 times during its first week, and at least a couple more the next. Such fun, followed by such pain with the poor overall attendance figures.
Christ, I can't believe it's been five years! I'll definitely be watching it today, then!
Well, I only saw it once that weekend, but I drove a thousand miles in a single day so I could watch it with my sister (who I introduced to Firefly), her roommate (who she introduced to Firefly), and her roommate's friends (who her roommate introduced to Firefly). 500 up, watched it, 500 back. Worth every penny of gas.

One thing I loved was the fact that almost everyone stayed through the credits and cheered when the Firefly theme played towards the end of them.

Wearing my Serenity shirt today in honor of the occasion!

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Serenity was the craziest period of my life, like - ever. And then Dollhouse happened, which was somehow more nutty (and oddly fruity). Thanks, joss, for both the movie (meant a thing) and the amusing experiences. Also, this ship never sailed for me.
I saw all five (maybe six?) prescreenings in Minneapolis and the midnight movie, then left work early the next day to see the noon showing. Serenity was released the week of my birthday so instead of gifts I just had everyone I knew come see the movie with me. I think I went every day for about eight or nine days.
She's still my favorite movie.
eddy, I was at that screening, too! One of the highlights of my fandom experiences for sure. (And how cool was it that we got Chris Buchanan? Pretty damn, that's how.)

I'm wearing my Blue Sun shirt now and hosting a gathering (it's too small to be a shindig; I'm dressing as the purple dress lady who busts out of her not-blouse!) tomorrow night to watch in Blu-Ray on the sexy projector my husband has purchased for us to have instead of a TV. I'm planning to make some of the Arizona Browncoats' Fruity Oaty Bars. (I was trying to figure out what flavor of cupcakes would be Serenity appropriate but I got tired.)

I saw the movie once on Joss's birthday in Charlotte at the preview screening, had one of the Browncoat tickets for the premiere, went opening night with friends and family, went again another two or three times that weekend.

My favorite thing was getting to the theater 30 minutes early thinking I would have plenty of time to find a seat and instead encountering a beast of a line which had completely taken the theater management by surprise. I wish we could've kept up that momentum for the other shows. Le sigh.

Dear Serenity, you hold a place in my heart not at all far from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, which means that 1) you're among my favorite movies 2) you have heavily influenced my actual outlook on life and 3) you're immensely entertaining. Love, Kiba
I still have some stuff from the premiere in L-A, including some place cards and some menus. It was a great time five years ago. Even though it didn't take the box office by storm, it's still a movie that keeps affecting many sci-fi and Whedon fans, and will do so for years to come. After all, can anyone remember what other movies premiered that weekend, and if any comic books based on them will be coming soon?
I first saw Firefly/Serenity about 3 years ago and reading all these nostalgic comments makes me wish I had seen it when the movie first came to theaters. Would have been awesome to see it on the big screen, over and over (My wallet would not have been happy).

I remember after watching Firefly, I ran out and bought Serenity. Unfortunately, by the time I got home I decided it was too late to watch it that night so I had set aside time the next day to watch it. Before I went to bed that night I was on the Firefly (not Serenity) forums on IMDB when some guy, in an unrelated topic, decide to express his frustration at the deaths of Wash and Book (especially Wash). I was so furious that the deaths were spoiled for me THE NIGHT before I watched it. Still an absolutely awesome movie, but I wish those had remained a surprise. Suppose it was kind of my fault for browsing a Firefly forum, but still, unrelated topic.
Five years ago today I saw Serenity for the sixth time. By the time its combined first-run and second-run theater engagements were over in Portland, I'd seen it 30+ times. Around that same time, CSTS was born.
Five years ago was definitely a crazy and unforgettable time. I joined Whedonesque in early May, just in time to beg for tickets to any of the prescreenings. The lovely m'cookies actual generously offered her two extra tickets and a friend and I drove from Vancouver, BC (Canada) to Portland, Oregon (8 hours there - 7 hours back) to see the second prescreening there on May 26th with Chris Buchanan and Oregon Browncoats. (One of my favourite moments was when Chris Buchanan jumped on stage to introduce himself before the movie and he barely got his name out before everyone was cheering and clapping over his title. He hadn't realised that most of the people there already knew who he was! I'm sure it was the first time an Executive Producer has been cheered, especially that loudly. :D )

At the Q & A afterwards, we strongly suggested there should be a prescreening in Vancouver next time - and there was. So we got to see it with local Browncoats on June 23rd and had a banner to wish Joss a Happy Birthday for everyone to sign. Jewel was our special guest, of course.

We then had to wait over three months to see it again, which we did. We got tickets to the preview night, saw it twice on opening day, including in the evening with 100 Browncoats - surprising theatre staff there as well - and then on Sunday, Tuesday, Saturday and the following Wednesday. I ended up seeing it 17 times in theatres before it left, although of course, I've seen it five times on big screen since then at CSTS - six counting San Diego during Comic-Con.

So I'd already seen it three times by the time it opened on September 30th, but it was still so exciting to see our BDH on the big screen and Joss's name come up "Written and Directed by". We all stayed through the credits too so we could hear the Firefly theme and see the Mutant Enemy Grrr Arrrgh at the end.

Serenity is still my favourite movie and I still get excited to see it every time, which is why I make sure that I sit and watch it every year at CSTS, even though I'm the organiser and spend most of the event running around doing things. (I've been watching Eureka on DVD and every time I put a disc in and the Universal logo and theme start, my heart jumps for a second.)
Serenity changed my life. Yay for its birthday!!! Cheers to everybody in the Verse.
I may have to watch it tonight, in honor of the b-day. (:
Until Serenity, Star Wars was my favorite. And nothing else.

I remember seeing Serenity long after it had premiered. It was actually on its way out of the theaters. I missed out on the frenzy of the pre-screenings. I barely remembered Firefly and then a coworker spoke of the movie and I checked it out. And THEN I bought the DVDs. Kind of backwards I know. But I was hooked.

After viewing it in late December of 2005, I thought to myself we needed to do something to bring it back to the theaters and PDQ. So I checked out the internet for others that loved it and found the Arizona Browncoats. I told them of my plan to bring it back to Phoenix by doing a charity gig of some sort. And they got on board. So by January of 2006 I had a donated theater lined up, charity picked out, and 100's of Browncoats willing to help out. But I ended up having to go in for major surgery and it was all put on hold. By the time I was up and around, CSTS had been born so we hitched ourselves to that wagon instead. And we had the Bedlam Bards as our very special guests. Good times. Good times.

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Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Serenity! Happy Birthday to you!
Five wonderful years :-)
Serenity was a great movie but to be honest, when I think about the project, it mostly just makes me sad that the series is done (outside of comics and random book short stories).

Also given the supposedly disappointing ticket sales for the movie, I wonder just how many actual individual people saw it in theaters since there are die hards like us who saw it multiple times throughout its life.

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