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September 30 2010

SFX "Worlds of Whedon" magazine special now on sale online. The magazine comes out today in the UK. For those outside the UK, you can buy it online at the publisher's website.

Need to get out of this house soon and go get it. Can't wait!
In about a week I'm going to start haunting Barnes & Noble. There better be plenty of copies over here!
I need to check out my local stores before ordering! Only, I'm stuck inside studying... *sniff* It also sucks not living in the UK right at this moment.
Should be here in Toronto soon, then. :)
I ordered mine online. I checked with my local comic book store and he said he didn't usually get it.
Anyone know how long it takes US book stores to get these things? I know I tried to get their Vamp special but never found it at Borders.
I have seen SFX at Barnes and Nobles in the past. But the vampire special a couple of years ago with James Marsters on the cover never made it here. You couldn't order it online either for some reason and the only ebay copies are more than 50 dollars plus shipping. Still a little disgruntled about that!

In other words, ordering this online is probably a good idea if you want it!
I've got my copy! It soo awesome! :)
Picked up mine this afternoon. Pretty shiny.

Random thoughts / magazine spoilers - review mag is pretty nice. Don't agree with many of the reviews, but as a short-form reference guide it could be quite useful - very brief notes on each episode, star ratings etc. Nice colour photos throughout. The main mag has an eight-page article on fandom towards the back, mentions of Whedonesque, CSTS etc. There's a nice feature on the comics, and interviews and features with many actors and writers. There's also a weird 'alternate universe' style piece on how Joss' career could have gone. And of course lots on the man himself. Overall, I think it's a decent buy for £7.99, and I rarely buy regular SFX.

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Yeah, I got SFX at Barnes and Noble in the lead up to Dollhouse, but not until about a month after the issue came out in the UK, so you might wanna just order it.
When someone who has it has the chance, could they give a sense of what was used from the group interview conducted during the Comic-Con CSTS screening? (If it's possible to tell.)
Well, there's a substantial subsection about CSTS in the fandom article. There's about three sentences about the origins of the idea from you, b!X, followed by quotes from James Riley, Jen Cummings and Michael C Dougherty, lasting about a paragraph each. It's mostly focusing on how the events are organised, how each event has its own feel to it, and the sheer amount of work that goes into organisation. Hope that helps.
Just ordered my copy online. Should arrive in 3 to 5 days. I cannot wait!
It do help, thanks.
To be honest, I found the £8 was a bit steep for a magazine, particular when you consider that the vast majority of the content can be read in other forms online for free. I'm sure when I used to buy PC Gamer magazine in my youth, it was less then £5, and that came with a stuffed demo disc. Then again, I haven't bought a magazine for a very long time.

Not that I didn't jump at the chance to buy it, of course. I've only had a flick through so far, having a read of the brief opening article on what Joss will bring to The Avengers, the introduction of the big interview and a quick skim over some of the episode guide magazine. Bar a rather glaring down beat review of Serenity (the episode - one of my favourites), it all seemed very good. Really looking forward to the interviews, not just from the man himself, but also with Eliza and Tony, and some of the writers he has worked with. There is also an article on the music in his work, which is something that is often overlooked in the world of TV and film.

@Redders - have you read the comics section? I'm a little weary of going near it, as I've only read the first four collections of the Buffy comics (first 20 issues.) I'm trying to hold out until all of them are released and get the rest in one go. So far, I've been able to stay fairly spoiler free and don't want that changing, particular the Twilight reveal. They don't given anything away in the article do they?
To be honest, Vandelay, I'd steer well clear. I've not read the full article yet but there are a lot of very large pictures that I would not want to see if I was halfway through season eight and avoiding spoilers. Sorry. :-(
Yeah, the US-current edition at Borders is $18+, that's a lot for a magazine, to my way of thinking. Then again it's been eyars since I've *bought* FilmFax or Scary Monsters so I don't have a yardstick *grin.
Anyone else find it annoying how they kept referring to Cordy/Angel as 'slash fiction' in the episode reviews? I don't think they're clear on what that means.
I don't agree with quite a few of the reviews, but it's useful as a guide and was quite enjoyable as a whizz through all the shows. I enjoyed the features magazine - nice interviews. Pretty pictures, too. It's been a while since I bought any sort of magazine, so I was willing to pay £8 for this one.

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Thanks for the warning Redders. That's a shitter. I was wanting to read the piece about The Shepherd's Tale. It also means I'm going to have to turn the pages very carefully, to avoid any unwanted pictures.

Oh well, at least it will add a bit of danger to reading the mag.
@Vandelay - How could someone possibly give the Pilot ep a bad review? I mean, I know the first half was a bit slow but the second half was some amazing television, and had some incredibly moving scenes interspersed with all the tension/action.
$18 for the current edition at Borders?! I just paid $9.99 at B&N. Maybe Borders has to order it direct (with concomitant delivery charges) but B&N has a regular distribution deal.
@F_TB - It isn't so much a bad review, as just not as glowing as I think it deserves. They only give it 3 1/2 stars and in the 'What lets it down' section they say things like "the slower scenes aren't of sparkling character work - there is some serious exposition dumping going on here.... And Baccarin's Inara is mostly window dressing." Also, the 'In three words' section calls it a "busy, mistreated pilot," (I'll give them the last two words.)

I have absolutely no idea what they are talking about for the most part, particularly the "sparkling character work" line, as Serenity is clearly the best pilot Joss has ever written, by a long margin.
@Vandelay Yeah, that was a quintessential character episode. I hope SFX didn't pay someone for that review.
I brought it. I went into the shops thinking £5 should be enough, knowing that is around the normal (overpriced) price-point of magazines theses days. Then I saw it was £7.99, I honestly had to contemplate whether I needed it or not -- 2 minutes later, I was back with more money and purchased the magazine. It looks pretty good, not that big but I'll stick it on my Whedonverse shelf once I've done disagreeing with everything in it and it should look Shiny.
argh!! I waited too long, it's out of stock! Anyone think they'll reissue?
Maybe not, your best bet might be eBay.

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