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September 30 2010

Poll: Who are TV's best love triangles? Can Buffy/Angel/Spike or Gunn/Fred/Wesley beat out Kate/Sawyer/Jack? Place your vote!

Anna/Summer/Seth. Always and forever.

I liked all of the Buffy relationships, but only as a means to an end. I like what they brought out of Buffy, the character, and in Spike's case, brought out of him as well. Angel was... Angel. Same with Angel, the TV show, I never cared for anything romantic between any of the members. In ATS' case, I thought it actually brought the show down on occasion.

I was never that torn with Lyla/Riggins/Street. It was always Lyla/Riggins, I think. I also never actually finished Dawson's Creek, but I was always a bit irritated Joey never went with the dick of a main character Dawson. I knew about the Pacey think from the beginning so I kinda shut off when it began. Kinda. Got to mid-season 5.

I liked Gilmore Girls' Jess/Rory/Dean for a while, season 3, I believe. Was interesting.
I'm not objecting, but it seems a bit odd that Fred/Wesley/Gunn even got a mention. Is this another case of Whedonesque ruling the vote?
Switched from a fanfic tab to my Whedonesque tab...was surprised and confused to see "Buffy/Angel/Spike" in both places.

I almost voted Fred/Wes/Gunn, but I think the Spanguffy triangle was more meaningful to the characters.

(And heaven knows we do better shipper wars than the Kate/Sawyer/Jack crowd. The Whedon fandom is a fierce and rabid bunch. *nods*)
I always found the idea of a Buffy/Angel/Spike love triangle a bit silly, because the three characters never really interacted enough to really cause enough conflict. The only time we see Angel after Spike falls in love with Buff is for two minutes in Chosen. Ditto Angel S5, there was a lot of tension between Spike and Angel because of Buffy, but it didn't really amount to a big love triangle with the Buffster being there.

I voted for Jack/Kate/Sawyer (and we may as well throw Juliet in there too), just cause that quadrangle had such a huge impact on the story of lost... the romance and sexual tension was good for those that wanted it, but it was just a huge part of the characters in a way I've never seen on TV before.

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Eee. I kinda hate love triangles. The Fred/Wes/Gunn one made me really dislike those characters and made me find the eventual Fred/Wes hook-up to be disturbing rather than romantic.

Jaymii, Anna/Seth/Summer? Actually, I can see that. I really appriciate how the two girls acknowledge that they don't want to be love rivals for the same guy and resort to cliched eye-gouging and so try to be friends (only for them to realise it's not that simple).
Sorry, these shows are after my time *grin.
I think this will be hands down a Buffy/Angel/Spike vs. Kate/Jack/Sawyer contest.

I'd be more interested in the BSG triangle if they'd made it Starbuck/Apollo/Anders, rather than Starbuck/Apolo/Duella. Starbuck should be at the center of that one, I don't see Duella as that strong a contender in the dynamic.
Especially considering the way the show ended, which pretty much explained why Kara was destined to make the choice she made.


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I guess the lost fans have not got a hold of this poll yet. Skate/Jate should be wiping the floor with F/G/W. I voted for Lost. That triangle was a much bigger part of that series(its entire run even) than buffy's was.
Summer/Seth/Anna easily! Itís probably the only triangle on television where I was truly torn by what I wanted the outcome to be. I loved them all individually as characters and could see both the positives and negatives of Seth dating either girl. Plus it was entertaining as hell (that Thanksgiving episode is hilarious) and it did end up with Summer and Anna developing a lovely friendship.

I would have also picked Jim/Pam/Roy from The Office just for how damn realistic it is. Iíve been there and the writers just nailed it.

Not that big of a fan of Angel/Buffy/Spike and tend to agree with Matt7325 that the media/DH advertising/fans etc blow it way out of proportion considering how little it actually takes place in the text. Even in S8 they seem to have cut past most of it and have separated Buffy/Spike from Angel so we donít have to have them squabbling for the remainder of the season. It's there in the story but nowhere to the extent of these other triangles.

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