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September 30 2010

Vincent Kartheiser hangs out with some very excited fans at a Minnesota bar. "It was only fitting that the guy who played Connor on Angel would show up unannounced at our weekly nerd night!" Worth the post for the pictures alone. Just thought you'd all enjoy!

I'm saying bearded isn't his "look."
Well I think calling him 'dapper' is a stretch (if that means what I think it means), but he is adorable and I'm happy to hear that he is approachable!
Oh, but he's so much cuter as a real human being.
With that beard he looks like a guy I went to college with! Weird!
I didn't know he's from Apple Valley! Funny!
I love that he looks absolutely hammered in these photos!
Something about those Minnesota bars. When my son got married, we took everyone to Moscow on the Hill, and ended up spending the night with Bill Murray, who was there on his own. Not that this has anything to do with the actual post, but still...
I'd say the coat is fairly stylish and might constitute dapper.

As worded it suggests he intentionally went to hang out for an event, which seemed vaguely unlikely since he doesn't seem to be the biggest fan of the series. (I'm assuming the fan backlash against the character/his writing must have gotten to him.) Good to hear that he was still friendly about it though!
He looks totally wasted. lmfao
Super drunk bwahaha.
I think he looks adorable (if increasingly wasted, but hey .... it's a bar). What a lucky crowd.

I have a feeling he'd better enjoy this kind of thing while he can, because I'm *still* betting he's going to become a huge star. If there's any justice, because he's a huge talent.
I don't lash out so much at his character as much as what they did with him and Cordy lol

Meeting a celeb is lucky, yeah. Those who are fans of the show will probably never forget :) Personally,I'd rather meet a star in a venue other than a bar, but if I ever got a chance at one of those meet n greets I've heard of where they sometimes do go to the hotel bar afterward, I can't say I'd turn down the chance. Not that I'd really know what to say and would probably be speechless LOL
He is adorable and for being so cool I forgive him for all time for the icky Cordelia/Connor, what do you call it, arc, misbegotten plot line, gives me the heebie jeebies they went there for several episodes. That said, I always liked him as Connor. I really need to get Mad Men at Netflix.

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