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September 30 2010

(SPOILER) The Jo Chen Buffy #39 cover. Part of it is blacked out as Top Secret. I saw the cover yesterday in the Previews Catalog but a crisper hi-res version is now online courtesy of Buffyfest.

lol. Two men enter. One man leaves.
Aye Kaan - must be someone supernatural imho.
Giles. No doubt about it.
What if its Spike?
Oh it's totally gonna be Dawn. This whole season has been about Dawn taking a back seat to Buffy's life. Someone's gonna offer her power, and she's going to take it.
Spike and Angel working together on this since the very beginning; flipped a coin to determine who would get to do the space-fraking.
I posted this link at the same time Buffyfantic did. Thats what my comment was about. My post got unceremoniously deleted. :p

I doubt it will be either Spike or Giles. If this is the 'betrayal' we're seeing, it doesn't make much sense for it to be either of them. Giles and Buffy have been estranged from each other for so long now I doubt they even talk to each other anymore. And why bring Spike back with 4 issues to go, just to make him be against Buffy?

I'm think it has to be either Dawn or Xander. Willow, not being able to choose between her loyalties, takes off with Saga Vasuki, leaving a shattered Kennedy in her wake. Giles and Faith say to hell with all this BS and head back to England. The Scooby Gang is about to be torn asunder, folks. Bet on it.
It's tough given that there is a Season 9 to come, but my guess based on greatest emotional resonance coupled with expendable is Giles.
Willow... Buffy has to kill Willow again.
Since no one has mentioned Faith yet in this thread, I'm going to guess it's her, just for the bragging rights on the off chance I'm right. ;-)

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It has to be Giles. Consider the Jeanty cover for this issue and how bad Dark Horse is at hiding their secrets.
They've done pretty well with the covers in recent months.
It's either Giles or Willow. I suspect that Buffy will find out that the only way she can stop Twilight and send all the demons back to the alternate dimension is to end magic on Earth using her Scythe in an apocalyptic battle, based on what was revealed in the Fray comic series about the last Slayer of the 21st century. Giles will either try to force her to do it or Willow may resist, not wanting to lose her powers. Either way, Dawn will get hurt/killed in the process and Buffy will get really pissed off.
It better not be Giles. I think the sundering of that relationship was a real false note that haunted the latter parts of the series.
I'm with the "end of magic means end of Dawn, Xander betrays Buffy (possibly just on the assumption she'll break the seed, or use it or whatever, ending Dawn)" theory generally...but baxter;

my guess based on greatest emotional resonance coupled with expendable is Giles.

makes a compelling argument in my opinion...

Can both things happen somehow? Also not immune to the idea of Spike as betrayer... it would certainly be the least expected, in a few ways. Until just now she didn't expect him to be around at all, and she's taken his unconditional loyalty for granted for a long time now- I don't think it would even occur to Buffy to doubt whether he'd do whatever she told him to. Would he betray Buffy for Dawn? I kind of don't see it, but to keep magic in the world... I can imagine that. Pretty much all the characters would lose A LOT if they were suddenly civilians, and Buffy's pretty much the only one who wants that.
In her deepest self, Dawn is still a magical creature. If all the magic goes, she goes (or perhaps reverts to her former form). That's plenty of reason for Dawn/Xander/Willow to end up coming to blows with Buffy.
Dawn. Ending magic means ending Dawn, and she might like to actually stay alive, given Buffy would not allow her to die back in S5.
Well to be honest, the idea of her punching Xander or Dawn seems insane since neither could actually put up a fight (trained as Xander is, he's ill equipped).

Maybe Dawn with superpowers though.
Would ending magic really mean the end of Dawn? The essence of being the Slayer involves magic, but I wouldn't expect the Slayer to disappear...just her slayer-abilities. Only Dawn's keyness would disappear...which up to this point has been pretty much irrelevant. Magic was used to create Dawn...but the past 3-4 (or however many) years have been reality. I don't think ending magic would undo everything it has ever done, right? We'd all be confused if Warren's skin returned because magic was used to remove it.

That might be a terrible analogy...but did it make any sense?
And my guess would be Giles as the betrayer, but in a well-meaning way. Like the Wesley and Connor incident.
a " well-meaning betrayal". well, if anyone could it would be Joss
Good point Pulzer but along those lines, if the magic was removed from vampires they'd just be....dead! Right? I don't actually expect this as a plot point, but in my mind it is the logical thing. I agree with you about Dawn but sort of see that as being where this is going anyway.
Why would Buffy want to end all magic? That makes no sense. She tried that in Retreat and it blew up in her face big time. I'm think it has something to do with Buffy wanting to change the past, wipe away the Chosen spell for instance, and the others turn on her... or something.
Q: Given that Joss is strangely literal, what is the opposite of "Twilight?"

A: "Dawn."

Maybe that's how "Twilight" got his name?
Groan. Götterdämmerung - anybody ?

": a collapse (as of a society or regime) marked by catastrophic violence and disorder"
quantumac: Technically, "twilight" has no opposite, as "twilight" refers to the period in-between night and day during both dawn and dusk. The opposite of "dawn" is "dusk."

But those are just semantics. =P

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Kaan - I would say Buffy's willingness to attempt living without magic during Retreat shows that it is a legitimate option, at least in her mind. And it didn't work out because other things kept their magic. If Buffy thinks she could find a way to just get rid of vampires and demons and everything mystical, I definitely think she would go for it.

From the time she was called as the Slayer, Buffy has only wanted to live a normal life, and to not be "the one and only chosen one." That problem was resolved(ish) in Chosen when all the Potentials were activated, giving her a chance for a normal life. Except that it clearly didn't work (see the hi-jinx that are Season 8). But getting rid of magic altogether? That seems like a more definite solution.
yes, exactly. I think Buffy would think getting rid of magic sounded great on the surface. And maybe not think it quite all the way through...

I can see her thinking, 'oh, this is a good way to avoid willow going dark in the future!' too...

According to the New Oxford dictionary:

Twilight : the period of the evening during which this takes place, between daylight and darkness.

Dawn : the first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise.

According to my thesaurus, dusk is considered a synonym of twilight.

So in a sense, they are "opposites", since twilight separates daylight from night and dawn separates night from daylight. Both are transitions, but in the opposite direction.

Joss is sometimes strangely literal, so this may be a clue to his thought process.

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Giles is NOT " expendable" imo. Something happening to any of the core four would just be unacceptable in my mind.

I think it will be either Angel or Spike. Angel seems the most obvious but Spike's arrival and shady explanations seem suspect until he tells us more.
Q: Given that Joss is strangely literal, what is the opposite of "Twilight?"

A: "Dawn."

Maybe that's how "Twilight" got his name?

I like that.
"Spike and Angel working together on this since the very beginning; flipped a coin to determine who would get to do the space-fraking.
Allycat | October 01, 00:14 CET"

Hah! This made me giggle.

Also, the real Buffy wearing any pants?

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Xander: Does anybody else miss the Mayor? "I just wanna be a big snake"
My favorite theories about what's under the hidden parts of the cover are now two: 1) two people (Xander as "the most unexpected" and Dawn as "the closest") 2) a second (allegorical? alternate? past? not future, I don't think) Buffy, who would be both the closest and the most unexpected.
What makes anyone think Buffy wants to end magic? What if that was the only alternative she faced to prevent another apocalypse?
In Anywhere but Here the demon calls the end of magic Buffy's "life goal achieved." Which is kind of true if you're of the opinion Buffy would like nothing more than to leave all of her slayer problems behind.

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There's also the point that ending magic accomplishes what a lifetime of slaying never could-- humanity's protection from all the demons. In theory anyway.
No way it's Dawn. Dark Horse purposely put out a cover showing Dawn seemingly dead in Xander's arms with an article that basically said "OH NOES CHARACTER DEATH." Shockingly obvious mislead.
...Unless it's a double mislead. No one would believe Dawn to die after that cover/synopsis, which makes Dawn just as likely a target as anyone.

I could easily see a comic where Dawn dodges certain death early in the issue - perhaps being injured enough to need to be carried by Xander? - only to get axed (possibly literally) out of nowhere in the last few panels.
But Dawn will at least be in trouble. And I'm looking forward to seeing Xander's reaction to Dawn in danger. Does that make me some kind of sociopath?
I added a poll to the post. Go cast your vote. I'm curious to see who the majority of people think the other person/people on the cover is/are.

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I don't like all the secrecy and blackout myself...I say just show it and get it over with lol

ANd will be really ticked if Giles dies.
The joke is on us, the big twist is that Buffy is fighting .
Big overture, little show.
What if it's Joss?

What? Everyone else is allowed to toss out random, fun guesses.... :(
What quite a number of you are forgetting is when it comes to big events like this, Joss always seems to go with the life lessons / emotional parrellels mimicing. Willow & magic/drug addiction; Buffy & Angel with the older boyfriend, younger girl romance and ending badly (which then neither fully get over -- like real life); Buffy taking over in a "mom" roll to potentials and Dawn, having "grown up" Slayer and leader wise.

Random examples off the top of my head.

Whomever betrays her, it's a safe bet it's related to what's been going on, and has some kind of learning experience from life mimiced in it -- just not going to be a randomd throw in like Spike.
I agree generally tharpdevenport, but I don't think anyone's been suggested who wouldn't have an emotional impact and resonate as a larger life experience.
But as related to the main plot points that have lead up to this climactic moment? Plus, it's still got to tie in, probably in a more limited fashio (could be wrong) to the aftermath in Season 9.
Not Spike- they just brought him to the comic. Would be silly.
Spike's a valid option. He's a former lover and mysteriously knowledgeable about everything going on. I don't think it's him, but it could be.
Is Buffy left hand?
That may not be Buffy's hand on the right (it's big). It also looks like she could be reeling from a punch.

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