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October 01 2010

Steven S. DeKnight - one of TVs Top 50 showrunners. Our former "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Angel" and "Dollhouse" scribe is included on The Hollywood Reporter's list of the top 50 showrunners currently running a series on the small screen. On a side note, check out a certain other showrunner who names a particular scene from "Buffy" as her favorite TV moment.

Yay! Spartacus is truly a great show. Let's hope for more success for Mr DeKnight. Awesome also that he credits his success and skills to Joss.
The "certain other showrunner" is on the 5th page, and the scene mentioned is from The Body, in case someone doesn't feel like reading the rest of the article.
My favourite showrunner right now (based on Twitter) is definitely Dan Harmon. The guy is a genius.
ARGH!! Dexter spoilers! I had a vague memory of hearing about it, but I didn't know the details. Now in the middle of watching the season at UK pace and really didn't want to see that (it is in the section when one of showrunners mentions Buffy, if you want to avoid.)

I thought Spartacus had some really good episodes and moments (mainly in the second half,) but it often descended into mediocrity. Still, I'll be coming back for more when it returns.
I'm guessing this is for current shows, if not, Joss Whedon is clearly missing.

And also, where's JJ? His absence shocked me.

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J.J. is not currently a showrunner on anything, Winchester. He co-created "Fringe" and obviously created and helmed the pilot of "Undercovers," but he is not showrunning either of them.
This seems more like a "list of almost every current showrunner". Top 50? Why bother?
Oh I didn't realize Fringe was co-created, thanks for clearing that up!
I agree, hacksaway. Most of the shows mentioned are mediocre or just plain terrible. A Top 10 list would've been more meaningful.
Also Shawn Ryan.
Vandelay, I knew throughout watching all of season 4 as well. :/ Even though you figure its coming, don't let it bother you and just let it sink into the back of your mind. Me discussing it some more probably isn't good, so I'll stop.
I'd love to see DeKnight do something "in the real world" also, but definitely not a "nice quiet family drama". :)


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