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October 01 2010

James Marsters is one of TWOP's 10 Reasons You Should Be Watching Caprica. Television Without Pity admits this is pandering to the Buffy fans, but if it gets you to watch Caprica Tuesday night at 10 on SyFy they are not above pandering.

Why is it airing at the same time as Sons of Anarchy? :(
Caprica is really getting into a groove, and I am really enjoying it. However, I have to admit, while I enjoyed most roles James has played, I haven't really been won over by Barnabas yet. Maybe I just miss the accent. ;-)
How about James as the only reason to watch. I wanted to like this show so much and I still have it on my DVR but honestly can't get thru an ep. I've watched a few of the Barnabas scenes but even James can't make me watch that show. :(
I was really getting into it then it vanished. Glad it's back earlier than the originally planned January.
I'm so glad Caprica is back. It's an experiment in the genre that's far overdue. Such a fascinating show. And more James is always good!
This is my kind of show. Always gives you lots to think about but is not always trying to confuse you. And I am so happy with the new character, Barnabas (for James Marsters) . He is a scary terrorist and a seductive leader. He offers up his own pain as freely as he is willing to offer up others to his "one true God". I think he's just fascinating and he reminds me a lot of all the stories of the saints I read as a kid.
I'm glad that Caprica is back, I really enjoyed the first half of the season. I can't wait to see more of James as well.
Why is it airing at the same time as Sons of Anarchy? :(
Valentyn | October 01, 20:13 CET

SyFy always re-airs their series, no reason to miss it. :_)
Anotherfireflyfan, I miss James' accent as well. When I watched the most recent preview, it was difficult adjusting to his hard /r/s. :D
Two shows on at the same time, is the reason for dual tuner DVRs. Thank you Dish Network. I loved Caprica and when James came on it, it was even better. Still I am looking forward to "3 Inches". Have the changed the name yet?
I really enjoyed Caprica, even though I've never watched BSG. Can't wait for the next episode.
So glad Caprica is coming back. I really like the show. Can't believe that they didn't list Sam Adama as one of the reasons.
Just got back from the Caprica screening. It looks awesome, and it was a fun event.

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