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October 01 2010

Official Video for Christian Kane's "The House Rules." Now up at for their "Big New Music Weekend."

Check it out and show some Whedonesque support!

What does he say about "that girl there"?

I like that he made a video to this song, but it's not what I imagined it would be like. I could have a liked more of a country bar set, with cowgirls and cowboys, maybe some bikers getting assgrabbed by girls.
How did I not know Christian Kane did country music? This is such a great day for me now! And I love that it was directed by Timothy Hutton.

Skytteflickan88 - I believe he said, "Excuse me? Excuse me! I'm gonna need to see some i.d. on that girl there. Ha, hah!"
I love that song but it's definitely not what I expected. I also thought it'd take place in a country bar. I hope he releases some more music soon.
Yah, he's definitely a hottie. ;-) I like country just OK, but I think his concerts would be fun!
I always imagined 'House Rules' set in Caritas ;)
If you're interested The Do That Girl, someone made a Caritas-themed video to "The House Rules" using an earlier version of the song. You can find it here. Just scroll about halfway down the page.
deepgirl187, thanks for the link! Loved seeing the Caritas version!
yep, deepgirl187 that was me ;)
Oh, awesome. I've loved that video for years now. :)

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