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October 01 2010

Shawn Ryan talks Terriers with Kelly Wheeler. In this entry from the official production blog from early last month. Ryan, of course, worked on Angel. And you might remember Wheeler as the production blogger on FOX's official Firefly site, back in the day.

$igh. I just gave up and ordered the season pass on Amazon Video, because I'm tired of being a week behind via Hulu.
This is the best new show of the season (which wasn't really difficult to achieve, but it is VERY good). Just absolutely fantastic. Too bad it isn't getting many viewers and I don't see FX keeping it around very long, unless they are as in love with the show as I am.
I don't think we have to worry about cancellation yet. It's cable and its numbers are growing - that should keep it around for at least the entire first season.
The last episode only had 0.3 million viewers in the 18-49 demographic. For comparison, the last episode of Sons of Anarchy had 1.6 million. Terriers is gonna get canceled, no doubt.
I'd want to see Always Sunny's (original premeire)ratings before making that claim Green. Not to mention you're comparing Terriers to one of the networks biggest hits. It's like comparing "NCIS" to "Medium."

No doubt cable televison follows the same demands and network, but they also aren't sitting with shows "in the can" that they can just replace something with if what they have is not an immediate hit.

I'm not suggesting you're completely off in your thoughts though. It's just I think cable tends to play the ratings game too, only slightly differently and with a little more patience. And in Always Sunny's case, it was cult before it was a hit.

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It started off strong, and then every episode exceeded the one before it. Every time I brace for the zig, they zag. Right now, it's appointment TV for me.
Terriers ratings:

Ep - mil - 18-49 points
101 - 1.6m - 0.5
102 - ? - 0.4
103 - 0.6m - 0.2
104 - 0.6m - 0.3

I would be flabbergasted if it got renewed. 0.6m viewers is terrible for FX - plus it's down over 75% in total viewers in the first 3 weeks.

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Meanwhile, Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James are embarking upon a pickup truck tour of the country in a weird grassrootsish promotional campaign. I will be very sad if they don't bring it to Portland.

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