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October 01 2010

Spike #1 to get exclusive New York Comic Con cover. It's a wrap-around cover and will be available at the IDW booth from the 8th to 10th of October.

I um... hate that cover?

But I get the joke. Spike is evolving into a champion, and Angel's a champion, which means Spike is becoming more like Angel... Reminds me how much I'm tired of that story line.

"I got a soul, I feel guilty, I save people to feel less guilty. Also, there's a propechy."

Still very excited for this comic tough.
I don't mind the cover but it might have worked better had Spike been giving a two-fingered salute behind Angel's back.
I could be reading too much into it. Maybe it's just suppose to be Turok-Han, The Master, Angelus, Spike & Angel?
I'm pretty sure the one right behind Spike is supposed to be Drac.
Thanks, it was driving me crazy not being able to figure out who that vampire could be.

That actually makes me like the cover more. Even tough Angel is supposedly the most evolved one on that cover. It's Spike comic, and he's younger (and without caveman brow that Angel was accused of having) so I want him in the front.
It all makes sense if you read the first issue. It's from a page of the actual comic.

Brian, now it's your own fault if I break into IDW or your home to get to read the comic. Spoilers make me impatient.

*getting the crowbar*

I can believe it's over a month before I get to read the damn thing (shipping to Sweden will take about a week).
Angel is taller. I'll give him that.

Watch what you say. Brian is listening. :)

Hi Brian.
I'm aware he might read, which is why I adressed the comment/joke to Brian. :)
I think one fingered salute would have been more 'in character' than two.
I gave up on the Angel series, but with Brian writing again, I'll definitely be getting a copy of this.

How you figure? Spike's English, and in England they use two fingers instead of the middle finger(finger-synonyms in a way). He's done it on the shows as well.
I think one fingered salute would have been more 'in character' than two.

Handy tidbit, the United Kingdom, flipping the bird to someone requires one to hold up two fingers (the index and middle finger) in a reverse Victory sign. So for Spike, he'd be more comfy with using two ;D
Hey - live and learn. IMHO - since Spike is inhabiting the 'colonies' at the moment giving the two fingers would not be understood and rather mistakenly taken for a 'mission accomplished' sign.
I wonder if there was some sort of spell placed on the comics like in the Replacement. IDW's Angel is 10 on a scale of noble wonderfulness. DH's Angel is the moron chaos employs to destroy the world. Whatever happened to the guy who was a bit of both?

Agree that this joke/POV is really stale. It's on my top ten list of reasons why I'm glad DH is taking over these characters as of August. I may be dubious about how Angel's being portrayed at DH, but at least it's not going to be more of this.
Maggie, I wouldn't count that out. Angel "noble wonderfulness" days might not be over. Joss does what he wants, and Angel might be the bad guy now, but by the next issue of Season 8, he could do a 180. Then another one. Then another. It's the Whedonverse after all. The characters change. A lot.
I'm so thrilled about this cover that I bought the Jetpackcomics version.
I'm betting that Angel being the pinnacle of evolution thing is part of the joke.

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