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October 02 2010

Charity ebay auctions with Whedon merchandise. It's for the SickKids Foundation. They're selling a sideshow statue, signed books, props, CDs...

The auctions are legit. This is what was going to be auctioned off by Whedonfest - the Con that had to cancel a few weeks ago. All of these items were going to support Sick Kids and so they are still running the auction. I got an email about it a couple of days ago.
Hospital for Sick Children not only does a lot of really worthwhile research, it is an excellent hospital.
I don't suppose it matters but the Canadian ebay page is here.
I just bid some of them up.
I second what Lioness has said: Sick Kids is a world class hospital. It saved my Cordelia when she had cancer. Bid often and bid high, Whedonesquers! Your money is going to save lives.

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