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October 02 2010

Spike, Xander, and Glory bound for Austin. James Marsters, Nick Brendon, and Clare Kramer will be guests at the Austin, Texas ComicCon, which will run November 12-14. Artist Brian Denham of the Angel comics will also be there.

I have been planning on this for months, could not believe that James would really be coming close to This is the same weekend that Ian Somerhalder is having a bash the other side of me in Louisiana..dang my two favorite vampires on the same weekend. Life is good.
I got really excited when my friend told me about it, but then I realized that it's the one weekend this fall that I *won't* be in Texas. The Friday might still be possible, though. Hopefully they'll all be there then.
I originally read this as "Spike and Xander bound for Glory in Austin," and was momentarily perplexed.
Can't believe after all this time I'm finally going to see James and Nick in the flesh. Sa-weet.
I can't believe it either. I just want to tell Nick and James what their work has meant to me over the years.

What's Ian Somerhalder doing in Louisiana?
Ian lives in Louisiana and there is an animal shelter that he does charity work for.
Didn't the Oak Ridge Boys sing a song about this .? .? .? .?

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