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October 03 2010

Dollhouse to be shown on Eleven in Australia. It's featured in the station's promo video. Since Eleven is a free-to-air digital channel, hopefully this means that that the DVDs can finally get released in Australia.

Thanks to Aaron for the headsup.

About damn time!
Good news.

But wow, Neighbours must be completely dead for Channel Ten to move it like that. Nobody must watch that show anymore.
'cos Dichen left ;)
*gasp* Can this be real? Finally, it really is about time. Fingers crossed for an imminent DVD release.

@Kaan - eleven is supposed to be the prestige channel so, if anything, it means that TEN regards it as one of its top programmes!


@cardea - I am not sure about imminent - the release schedule up to December 22nd doesn't currently have Dollhouse listed. That's not to say that it can't be added in the mean time, of course, but it doesn't seem to be there currently.
All the episodes have to air before a DVD can come out. I'd say it's another 6 months off at least, sorreee!
No way. You don't get rid of your top programmes to a brand new digital station - in which many people still don't have the right equipment set up to even receive. It'd be like Ten moving MasterChef over. Madness.

Sounds to me more like Ten know they make huge profits from overseas sales, so still wish to continue producing it, but need it somewhere were ratings wont matter to much to begin with. And it also gives its new station a 'recognized' Australian show.

But this has nothing to do with Dollhouse. So... I shut up now.
I was excited for a minute there, then I read, "Early speculation suggests that the channel could launch on 11.01.2011, but no firm date has been confirmed." 2011?? Seriously?? The other two free-to-air commercial networks just launched new stations so 10 is really behind if they're not launching until next year.
@gossi - this is not so true when it comes to Australia.
They release DVDs before free-to-air has aired over there?
We got the Firefly dvd before the show went to air.
Yes they do Gossi - I got seasons 1 & 2 of Chuck when they'd only just started airing season 1 here - not always the case but sometimes.

Same with Star Trek way back when, the VCR releases came out way before most of it aired on TV.

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So is 11 meant to be like 9's Gem? I'll be excited to see it but by then my R1 DVD's will have arrived but it will be exciting when they finally come to R4.
It all depends on the individual agreements that studios in the US make with broadcasters in Australia. DVD windowing is agreed upon in contracts. For DH to come out before 11 airs it, the broadcaster would have to agree to that or not notice that it isn't explicitly stated in a contract.
@catalyst2: A DVD release within the next year would be considered imminent for me, since up until now, we've been in limbo where DH is concerned. So, still good news. I wonder if the DVDs will have any additional special features, as the Serenity two-disc did.

That was sarcasm. I've already ordered Season 2 from Amazon.

Honestly, Ch10 and its subsidiaries -- why bother. I hardly even watch Ch10 anymore. Ok, The Simpsons once in a while, and Supernatural -- all the two episodes a year they manage to squeeze between their reality shows.
Hopefully this will provide some impetus for a DVD release. I still haven't seen the original pilot - saving it up.
I hope we get the Blu-Rays as well. Lost and Dollhouse are the two shows I've decided to take the plunge for and get Blu instead of DVD, I'll be annoyed if we miss out on them.

You have to understand Ten is attempting a bit more than a re-run channel which is what GEM and 7mate are.

They are totally re-vamping Channel Ten, with no Simpsons or Neighbours, they are producing two new news programs for 6pm to 7pm, and these need to be organised.

Also, currently, first-run Australian programs on digital channels don't count towards achieving Australian content quotas, and they are hoping that by the time Eleven comes around, their lobbying will achieve it - so moving Neighbours will be worth a bit more.

It's a little bit more of an ambitious digital channel than anything we've seen so far, so timing is of the upmost importance.

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