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October 04 2010

The marketing of 'The Avengers'. What to expect from Marvel's promotional activity for Joss' movie.

JEM Sportswear - pretty sure I did an ad campaign for them once. Small world, I guess.
Wow- Joss is doing Emma Peel? Will he kill off John Steed?

I expect to see stickers with Buffy in the Bronze, with Xander saying,
"Then where's the gang? Avengers assemble! Let's get it going!"
I hope they don't over expose THE AVENGERS. This is a tight rope act it seems to me.
There's a larger goal, too, said Mr. Gitter: "The big play here is that Marvel is really looking at our films more as brands and less as films.

With this strategy, RazorBlade, there's a very fine line between exposure and overexposure. And what we should expect in terms of a quality film.


I dunno. I kinda enjoyed Iron Man 2. Kinda... Robert Downey Jr. pulled off the role much better than I expected. But in the end, Iron Man and Iron Man 2 seemed like, I dunno, a bunch of propaganda, really.

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