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October 04 2010

Mutant Enemy monsters Buffy never used. To celebrate their Worlds of Whedon special, SFX has fun with the only monster to appear in every Buffy episode.

Awesome article. I mean, he's not a zombie, but still. Awesome article.
Anyone else slightly disturbed by the odd buldge in the front of the monster-bot's pants for the I Was Made to Love You one?

Also, awesome.
The Seeing Red one is just gross. Fun thingy, though.
Haha, there are some great ones in there. However, technically Warren wasn't skinned in Seeing Red, but the episode after. Minor point though. Especially loved the Doppleganger and Storyteller ones.
Wow....the skinned one was just creepy. *shudders*
Everytime i watch "Hush" i kind of hoping that the mutant enemy monster don't talk. Just walk through the screen in silence.
I love the one for 'Gone', that's fab.
@Simon - the 'Gone' one took quite a long time to appear on my screen. At first I thought it was actually just a blank picture.

Those were great. Often thought they should have done more of those Mutant Enemy changes, but I suppose that would have spoiled the magic of the rare occasions they did.

As an aside, as it was something I was going to post in the topic about the release of this magazine until it disappeared from the front page, a little while back there were questions about whether the Dollhouse comic would be part of Season Two boxsets outside of the US. There is a comment from Scott Allie in the comic section of the magazine that says "I believe if you buy that through any venue, you're gonna get this mini-comic.... It's a 20-page comic that's part of the DVD and Blu-ray packages. The magazine also has an HMV advert that says it contains "an exclusive bonus comic." Whether they mean it is exclusive to HMV, I'm not sure, but it definitely means it will be available outside of the States.
It was April in "I Was Made to Love You," the Buffybot doesn't make an appearance until "Intervention."
The one from Restless looks a lot with the christmas one from Amends.
The Storyteller one made me laugh. :)
digupherbones, I was slightly disturbed by the odd bulge coupled with the pointy chest-thingies.

Fun stuff!
Interesting that you see more of the MAscot Mosnter's body in ANgel's credits than in BtV S's, and even more in Dollhouse's.

I still think simply having him look at the audience in "Chosen" wasn't really the right send-off; a "Thank You For Your Support" would have hit closer to home :-).

Good article.
Very cute.

I didn't notice a bulge. o_O

Also, what's up with sites using these "Next" and "Previous" buttons in some kind of gallery display? Took forever for me to load them all and I don't have a slow internet connection. I usually find it easier for them to list the pictures on one page. But whatever.
I like the storyteller one.

Restless should have been the cheese guy running through the frame.
Loved them, but Willow didn't skin Warren in Seeing Red, did she? That was when Tara got shot, but she skinned him in the following episode.

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