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October 04 2010

Dollhouse comic 'Epitaphs' to come with Season 2 DVD in the UK. As confirmed by HMV. It also comes with the Season 2 Blu-ray and the Complete Series Blu-ray and DVD boxset.

I saw the ad for it in the SFX special. I've ordered mine through Amazon UK, does anyone know if this is an HMV exclusive?
^ I think it is, i've pre-ordered with HMV also, I am just so glad the UK haven't been snubbed!
I might just switch to HMV to be on the safe side, it's only a difference of 6p.
The complete series DVD is here, if anybody is interested. To be honest 25 for 27 episodes of TV (including the pilot) and comic - that's a bloody great deal. What's that, 75p per episode of entertainment, plus features and commentaries on top?

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'Echo' gets listed as episode 0. I like that.
Winchester what are you basing your opinion as to whether or not the comic book is an HMV exclusive on?? I don't see any reason why it would be??

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^ I read somewhere that HMV would be getting an exclusive comic, so I presumed that meant we'd get Epitaphs AND another comic, but considering HMV has only listed Epitaphs as the comic we'll be getting, I presumed that Epitaphs IS the exclusive.

And neither Amazon or have mentioned anything about the comic, i'm not sure if they will do at a later date, but for now, I believe that the comic is only available through HMV (this isn't the first time they've had HMV-only editions of DVD's)
The HMV ad for the Dollhouse Season 2 DVD/Blu-ray in the SFX Whedon special didn't make it clear if the comic was exclusive to the DVD boxset or exclusive to HMV.
^ I just checked on and they now have the comic listed aswell, so it musn't just be a HMV exclusive.
Yes, now has it listed as well. That's a relief.

And as an added bonus, the status says it was posted today! Although, no e-mail telling me it has been dispatched makes me question this.
Ha! Entry 25000. Classic.
I contacted if they have the comic with the release, but they could not confirm this and said I should ask again when it has been released and then they can check it physically.

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My DVD shipped today from HMV so hopefully I'll get it tomorrow.

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