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October 05 2010

5 screenwriters who could do justice to the Google movie. Danny Strong is mentioned on the list.

I just wanna say how glad I am that The Social Network is doing as well as it is, critically and commercially. I'm always happy to see Aaron Sorkin succeed :)
Hey now, Danny Strong was also on Gilmore Girls, not just Buffy.
Are you stating that Heatherondo or asking a question? Cause the article did say he was on GG
You and me both, Jobo. I finally got around to watching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and it made me sad to know it was cancelled.
Recount was a great movie! I had to laugh because I was so enthralled in it that I had to remind myself not to get so tense over it as I knew the outcome. ;)

As for a Google movie...... tell me that's not happening.

I want to see The Social Network, but only because it looks so over the top dramatic it'll be fun to see, as social networking has taken over how most people interact with others. While Google...yeah, I use Google numerous times each day, but I just can't even picture a movie about it.
I haven't seen it, but The Social Network isn't so much about the social network itself, but more, the character they have made Mark Zuckerberg to be and all of that drama. They argue about Facebook, not on Facebook. A Google film would focus on that again, the origin tale. I'm far less familiar with the Google origins than I am Facebook's (even though I'm not on the site) so I have no idea if it would indeed be a good film.
Jaymii, I'm not sure if you were just commenting in general or not, but I know what The Social Network is about.


By the way - did you ever see the trailer for if every website had a dramatic movie? Hilarious parody of The Social Network trailer.

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