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October 05 2010

"It Gets Better" - a video campaign. Julie Benz participates in the "It Gets Better" video campaign (sparked by the recent suicides of gay teens) and endorses The Trevor Project.

The Trevor Project is a suicide prevention hotline for LGBTQ youth. More information can be found here:


The more voices speaking out, the more awareness there will be.

Last night Margaret Cho used the "story-telling" theme on Dancing With the Stars to "speak out" about gay pride. She said "This needs to end. Now." (Meaning the hatred, and the suicides.)

Stand up. Speak out. Be proud.
That's nice (and also a little confusing when they decided to caption some of the people speaking) though I am apparently fuzzier on the concept of the project than I thought. I thought the way Dan Savage planned it was specifically for LGBTIQIQ folk to speak from experience?

Not that I'm begrudging allies of any sort. In fact, I'm vaguely surprised that some of those people (particularly of reality TV show background) are not pure evil like I normally like to characterize them and respect them a bit more.

Side note though, given his history on The Shield as sort of a scruple-less cop, is that why Julie's co-star didn't get to actually say anything? I know that he's actually supposed to be an incredibly kind guy given how he interacts with kids after his Fantastic Four role but it seems like with his vaguely reminiscent of bullying appearance his support is even more poignant?
orangewaxlion Umm...Michael Chiklis did say something. "It gets better." And, if you carefully watch the bit with Julie, you can see that her line actually came first - he wets his lips and opens his mouth to say something, and they cut to another actor.

What do you mean by "decided to caption some of the people speaking"? You mean by putting up their name & occupation? Because the clip I watched did not have closed captioning.

I pretty much had no clue who most of those people were. And, in my opinion, Anne Hathaway is FAR too full of herself. All her smiling and preening at the camera was rather off-putting.
I think ALL of them are amazing for participating in this and I applaud each and every one of them for speaking out and trying to help. Is this really the time and place to start attacking the actors/tv personalities who appeared in the video? Yeesh.

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I smile whenever I see Ian Somerhalder. Especially along with Candice Accola. Wonderful! I really do hope these projects and things actually help people.
orangewaxlion - Dan Savage actually started the It Gets better Project just a few days the suicide of Tyler Clementi in response to the suiceides that had already occurred. It was as I understand it, a place for LGBT folks to tell their stories to LBGTQ youth. When the suicide of Tyler Clementi occurred, I think it was a tipping point that made many others gay or straight want to add their voices, and the efforts have dovetailed together.
We need to wipe away the stigma associated with homosexuality and bisexuality. Hatred against minorities (in this case, lifestyle minorities) is an old, outdated concept, born in a time when people wore sheep skin and thought the Earth was flat and resided at the center of everything. Since then, we've learned so much more about ourselves and our universe. It's about time we build acceptance into our culture for those who make different life choices. I salute this effort. People shouldn't feel they have to kill or hurt themselves because they are different.
Right up there with wiping away the stigma is wiping away the misconception that there's some sort of "gay lifestyle" or that attraction, of any kind really, is some sort of chosen event.
It's great to see celebrities putting their support out there. The It Gets Better Project will hopefully continue to gain attention, much as the NOH8 campaign has, and with time these messages of hope can make their way to the kids (and adults) who need to hear them most.
I am so glad to see this. "It gets better" is a message that all teens need, with the most vulnerable (those that are part of groups that society and even their own families reject or do not understand) needing it the most.

My son has recently hooked up with a group of out LGBTQ upperclasspeople in his school. He is the only straight boy in the group, but feels he has more in common with them than he has with the other kids. (As he put it, "Straight boys only accept me if I act like a jerk.") He has been appalled at the random discrimination he has seen from teachers towards the leader of the group, as well as the attitude of a lot of students...including students within the group. (ie: lesbians and gays having a problem with bi-sexuals, girls objecting to a boy wearing girls clothes etc.)

Then there is "guilt" by association. When he was helping at the booth for their club that promotes understanding among kids of all sexual orientations, the boys he has been eating lunch with for the last few years got upset, asking him if he were gay. He explained that he was not and pointed out that the club was to promote understanding among all groups. They flat out told him they did not want him eating lunch with them anymore. He shrugged it off because he had always felt that they were not really his friends, but it upset me as a small example of what our society is doing to these kids. It is an irony that all his new friends are upperclasspeople who have lunch in a different lunch room. Before he was banished from his old table, I had asked if my son could eat lunch in the other lunchroom, but was told no, that he should be encouraged to make friends with students where he is. I was ready to march back to them with this newest wrinkle, but my son does not want me to.

I hope schools are showing these videos, because kids obviously need to see them. In fact I think I may get in touch with some school officials here in town and see if it can be "encouraged."
High school was enough of a nightmare, just being a nerd consigned to the fringe. If gay had been thrown into the equation, I doubt I would have made it through. A close family member recently came out to his family, 40+ years on. So many years of hiding, shame, subterfuge. What a fucking waste. I hope we may soon look back on these days like we now look at Jim Crow and miscegnation laws in the 30s, 40s, 50s.

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