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October 06 2010

Nicholas Brendon interview on Buffyfest. Nick Brendon on tattoos, dating fans, Buffy Season 8, webcomics and much, much more in this interview with Buffyfest.

I never thought about it to that extent before for some odd reason, but, yeah: Buffy really is the best female-centric relationship Xander has ever had. In some ways that's quite moving, in some ways that's quite sad.
I agree that Buffy is the best relationship Xander ever had, he was most devoted to her (and Willow.)
Anya, all the way.
Okay...I'm a big NB fan and even I'm squicked by the number of penis references he makes in his interviews.
Is the penis thing a standard? I haven't read tons of interviews with him but, yeah, the man is fond of his junk.
Anyone else super excited by the "Robot, Ninja & Gay Guy" mention? Just me, then? That's cool.

Good interview. Very Bad Koalas is definitely something that I'm curious enough about to check out.
I too have always felt that Xander's relationship with Buffy was his strongest which was definitely reinforced in Season 7 and so far in Season 8. And that fact is what saved his life in Season 7 (listen to the commentary by Drew Goodard and Nick on Dirty Girls).
I didn't even notice the penis references but then again, I'm a guy, we talk about our penises a lot.

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